Special design for energy play

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Special design for energy play


Special design for energy play Ah~ sun and moon Sun and moon together Meet in the galaxy This is a special energy design that I designed For some people, play is meditation Some people come here to play Lucky souls... I also want! …😆🥺 But i am not I'm here to share Everyone has his own purpose in this world! …Most of the people… There are also some souls just here to play They all learned almost But still attached to the world So decided to do it again Play thoroughly I won’t be sad and missed when I go But such souls are rare It's lucky to find one Because of such a person Is to serve the social type of people Actually, I don’t care about anything. Happy too! Anyway, just come and have a visit So making friends with them is very comfortable Sincere advice! Find a friend who plays like this Keep staying well There is no such good person in the world. In life, I always meet some friends who are not too Everything is good! everything is OK! All is well! such a man! Almost the soul who came to play! Usually this kind of person They are all kind! benign countenance Just look happy Happy Rare Because the world is a tribulation Everyone has to experience eight sufferings This so-called Buddhist Suffering from birth, suffering from old age, suffering from sickness, suffering from death, resentment and hatred, suffering from love, parting from suffering, asking for suffering, five yin and suffering, these eight suffering, Is a must in the world If you are interested, you can take a look at the Buddhist scriptures I will not explain it in detail here 🙏🏻 Anyway, this bitterness, This is the summary of this life.. According to Buddhism In other words, it’s really difficult to not suffer So these people who come to play They still have to suffer But they all take it very lightly Everything is ok attitude Make yourself and others feel relaxed Very relax! Anyway, come and go Just to travel around the mountains and water! travel So everything is not very important But not everyone has such a fate Everyone has different lives and different karma! All have to go through what they should go through So it’s important to look at the opening point The design of this one Just for those who come to play Just wear him! Nothing matters! As long as it is an experience, everything is fine! Yes man Everything is yes Let yourself experience all No regrets when I go 🙏🏻 So the help of this one Just relax! 💕💓❤️ Relax on everything Don't take too seriously Because we all come to experience Li Jie Li Jie Just talking about this Everything reminds us again Learn all So wear this Can See life like a drama I am the character in the play How to perform is completely on my own What you want to experience is your own choice It's a kind of great freedom Not everyone has Only some lucky people have this option But this one can help you experience this feeling A free and relaxing multiple choice question I am not led by my own karma What will you choose For example, if apples and bananas I will choose bananas if I like Because I will be thin😂 Now wear this, I might want to try and see what's going on with Apple I didn't even think about it before Dai This is this power Give you a temporary choice A drive away from karmic choices Actually really cool People who want to taste freedom! You can try this So called special design Has a special purpose You can change the energy field to give you a little freedom but There is a cause, there is an effect you get what you sow So bring this Just feel it It is not recommended to wear it all the time After all, everyone comes here All have their own purpose Choose according to your own preferences and habits In order to achieve what I want to experience But this is our program But just like the hacker mission This is the program we set up for ourselves If you want to take off the program Then you can only eat a red pill And that's meditation So this one gives you a glimpse What is freedom! It does not mean that there is no purpose and no consequences It’s just that you have to bear the consequences This is true freedom Behind freedom is a great responsibility Because you are responsible for the consequences This is also the benefit of being a human being We always have the right to choose For example, if you feel that you are walking according to your habits in the present moment In fact, you can make other choices all in all This one! It is to give you temporary freedom to do what you really want to choose! ! Not according to your own karma or habits But to experience the so-called real freedom Very amazing Only one Take it now If u are ready I suggest you be prepared to consider taking him There will be a lot of different things happening The experience will be very different But, this is fun It’s not bad to have this experience once or twice So take it If u feel like it Treat it as a tool Come to experience life In a totally different way Or,.. just wear it and feel happy It's basically a happy model There is a lot less in life, but a lot of happiness But good or bad is an experience! Can put this Be the catalyst of a life that truly becomes the owner of the self ❤️🙏🏻👍🏻😇


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Special design for energy play Ah~ sun and moon Sun and moon together Meet in the galaxy This is a special energy design that I designed For some people, play is meditation Some people come here to play Lucky souls... I also want! …😆🥺


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