Seiko Stainless Steel nail clippers-made in Germany with a century-old heritage

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Seiko Stainless Steel nail clippers-made in Germany with a century-old heritage

รายละเอียดสินค้า Nippes Solingen was founded in 1923 by two brothers Ernst and Friedrich in Solingen, a steel production area in Germany. Although Germany was in economic depression due to severe inflation at the beginning of its establishment, the founder still insisted on only hand-manufacturing and producing the highest quality products, which has since established Nippes Solingen's enduring brand value. Over the past 100 years, Nippes Solingen has undergone factory expansion and relocation, equipment refurbishment and other changes. However, "using Solingen raw materials" and "maintaining the original factory craftsmanship" are the two principles that the brand has always adhered to. Through the efforts of three generations of the family, Inherit the precious skills of traditional German craftsmen. **__Solingen value - can be used to pursue a lifetime of super high quality__** For the Nippes family, tradition is not just a word, but the value that the brand is proud of; in Solingen, making steel products that can be passed on to their children is the goal that all craftsmen strive to pursue throughout their lives. The sense of mission has allowed Nippes to make first-class scissors in accordance with traditional methods for nearly a century. The superior quality allows Nippes Solingen's products to enter more than 10,000 pharmacies and cosmeceutical channels in Germany, and further expand the export market, to account for more than 60% of the company's sales, which shows that the exquisite skills have long been recognized by the world. . After nearly a hundred years of hardening, in addition to classic scissors products, Nippes Solingen has also developed a variety of products including nail clippers, nail clippers, trimming and other daily needs, so that high-quality and durable steel products can be extended to In every corner of the home, allowing products printed with the words "Solingen" to enter more homes is the goal of the brand's continuous efforts over the past century. The professional skills derived from Solingen perfectly meet the highest quality requirements. ◆ Made in Germany ◆ High-grade Solingen Stainless Steel ◆ Hundred-year-old professionals create a great feel ◆ A must-have texture for home * The original factory authorizes the sale of genuine products, with exquisite craftsmanship and quality assurance. Product contents and specifications/warranty information 【 Product Information】 ◆Ingredient: Solingen Stainless Steel ◆Weight (capacity): 30g ◆Specification: 6x1.2x0.8 cm ◆Place of Origin (Country): Germany ◆Retention period: expiration period 【Precautions】 ◆The product is made of steel. Please don't store it in a humid place to avoid rust. It is recommended to use oil for maintenance. ◆This product is a personal hygiene product and will not be returned after opening. - Invoice issuance instructions • In response to the paperless invoices, the design hall will not send paper invoices separately and replace them with electronic invoices. The e-invoice notification letter will be issued within 3 working days after you receive the goods and the e-invoice number will be returned through Pinkoi's on-site system. • If you need a paper invoice or a two-part paper invoice for a company household, you must select the invoice type and enter the address to receive the invoice when filling in the information at the checkout. After receiving the information, we will arrange for you to send it by "registered mail" within 7 working days after shipment. • After receiving the invoice notification letter, you can query the invoice information on the electronic invoice integration service platform of the Ministry of Finance. • If you want the e-invoice to be used as a vehicle to return to your account, remember to fill in your return mobile vehicle number in the [Electronic Invoice Mobile Vehicle Column] when ordering (the system will automatically remember it in the future after you fill it in once). • If you store the invoice in the planter’s vehicle, after the Ministry of Finance announces the winning number on the 29th of the lottery month, the planter will notify the winner via SMS or email within 10 working days, and provide the winning e-mail by registered mail The invoice certificate is used as the certificate of award. Thank you for your patience, and bless you with luck! -


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◆ Made in Germany ◆ High-grade Solingen Stainless Steel ◆ Hundred-year-old professionals create a great feel ◆ A must-have texture for home


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