Simple cat. Natural cordierite blue Stone lapis lazuli anti-sensitive ear needle Clip-On business operation work

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Simple cat. Natural cordierite blue Stone lapis lazuli anti-sensitive ear needle Clip-On business operation work - ต่างหู - คริสตัล สีน้ำเงิน

รายละเอียดสินค้า Whispers about cordierite: It has a beautiful purple-blue hue, has the characteristics of dichroism, corresponds to the throat chakra, attracts wealth, enhances popularity, enhances expressive ability, confidence, leadership, eliminates negative energy, and heals the soul. Whispers about Stone: The beautiful and beautiful blue natural stone, also known as soda Stone, corresponds to the throat chakra of the human body, improving judgment, understanding, confidence, spirituality, wisdom, and self-confidence. Whispers about lapis lazuli: known as the emperor Stone, corresponding to the throat chakra of the human body, it can guide the correct direction, spiritual growth, improve meditation, relieve emotions, relieve eye fatigue, relieve insomnia, and career achievements. ♥♥♥ The picture is for reference only. Due to the shooting light angle, different monitors, handmade, each crystal size and texture are different, there may be a difference from the picture. It depends on the actual product received. Please confirm before placing an order ,Thanks. ♥♥♥ 【Material】 Anti-allergic Stainless Steel ear pins, resin, metal accessories, cordierite, Stone, lapis lazuli Silicone Clip-On(can be fine-tuned), resin, metal accessories, cordierite, Stone, lapis lazuli 【size】 about 1 cm 【Quantity/Packing】 One pair (excluding photo props) / individual exclusive packaging ═══ Precautions ═══ ✔Handmade jewelry due to personal hygiene problems, personal magnetic field, handmade, and customization factors, all jewelry sold in the whole museum does not accept returns and exchanges, please ask before buying. Comparing your heart with your heart, after all, each person's energy field is different, I believe you would not want to receive a natural stone worn by others. ✔Every natural stone has been formed for tens of millions of years, and how many winds and frosts it has come to us. It has the characteristics of naturally occurring clouds, ice cracks, cotton wool, impurities, black spots, mine marks, and feather cracks, so the texture of each natural stone They are all different, which is their unique charm! Please do not buy if you have high standards or perfectionists, thank you. ✔Handmade works have production traces, high standards or perfectionists please do not buy, thank you. ✔There may be color difference due to factors such as different light and monitors, please do not buy if you mind. ═══════════════ 【Use and maintenance】 Natural stone is not recommended to be worn in the bath, exposed to high temperature, chemical substances! If you have time, you can go to temples, churches and other places of belief to increase spirituality! Please avoid rubbing, pulling hard, pressing hard, and falling hard. Treat it gently to make it last longer. Please avoid alcohol, bleach, perfume, spa and other chemicals to avoid corrosion or deterioration. Keep it dry. When not wearing it, please dry it and store it in a zipper bag or jewelry box to isolate the air and prolong the service life of the product. It is not recommended to wear crystals in the bath, when in contact with cosmetics or chemicals, or when engaging in intimate behaviors, and avoid wearing them in places with heavy yin, because crystals will absorb energy. These behaviors will easily affect the crystal magnetic field and make the crystal absorb bad energy. It is best not to wear crystals to sleep. Because the crystal absorbs negative energy during the day and needs time to recover, it is best to degauss the crystal while sleeping. You can degauss the crystal and white crystal together to let the crystal rest. 【Preparation/shipment】 This item is in stock + customized. Shipped within 3 days from stock. If not in stock, it takes 7 working days to order. If you cannot ship due to other factors, you will be notified separately. 【Origin/Manufacturing method】 Taiwan / Handmade


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Super cute cat earrings are here! Small and exquisite, with gold accessories, it is more textured.


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