Forest & Waves Cup/Gray

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"Forest & Waves" makes people find a balanced pace in the life of information explosion. Ed, an amateur wh



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Forest & Waves Cup/Gray


brand introduction
"Forest & Waves" makes people find a balanced pace in the life of information explosion. Ed, an amateur who loves surfing and nature, incorporates his loved outdoor activities into the design, combines the good craftsmanship of the localities to develop the goods, and shares this passion for nature with you.

It’s a pity to just think of surfing picnic camping as a leisure activity. Designers think this should promote the style of life to make life more beautiful.
The name Forest & Waves is inspired by the natural beauty of the northwestern Pacific Ocean, including the smell of pine trees, the waves slap the shore and the rustling of the wind through the trees. Forest (forest) represents my interest: camping and climbing, while Waves reflects my passion for surfing and grew up in a village on the beach in Taiwan.
Nature is the best designer in the world, and my inspiration for designing Forest & Waves is here.

Designer introduction
About Ed
Ed grew up in a small seaside village in Taiwan; at a young age, he and his family immigrated to Toronto, Canada. From the beginning of his memory, he has been painting. Growing up in a family full of travelers and entrepreneurs, Ed is naturally connected to the outdoors and nature. His father used to sail from East Asia to the Red Sea, and his mother used to go camping with her family.
After working in an animated film studio for many years, Ed realized that he needed to change the pace of life. In 2012, Ed decided to start his own business and become an independent artist. Based on the design and creation of beautiful objects to include his vision of outdoor enjoyment, he founded Forest & Waves.
Forest & Waves is a pioneering spirit, and Vancouver, Canada is a city full of nature. Ed can continue to grow the brand with his living environment and West Coast culture.

Product desciption
珐琅The product is made by the master's hand glaze. Therefore, it may not be able to evenly attach the glaze at the edge of the product at the edge of the product or during the firing process. The glaze may be thinner or less smooth and slightly The signs of falling off are normal and not awkward. The original factory in Canada stated that this is a normal phenomenon, so please feel free to use it.
珐琅Commodity instructions
1/ Cannot be used in microwave ovens
The inner layer of the crucible is made of metal and cannot be heated in a microwave oven.珐琅The heat is fast. If you use hot food (drinking), please be careful about burns.
2/ Do not hit
Heavy pressure or impact can easily cause the surface glass glaze material to peel off, which in turn causes detachment and rust.
3/ Avoid long-term food
Please wash the contents as soon as possible if there is salt or acid stains.
Gently rinse with a sponge
Do not use nylon or metal-containing brushes to clean the enamel to avoid scratching the glaze. If the crucible is burnt after use, do not use a tool to scrape it off.
4/ Keep dry
After cleaning, wipe it with a soft dry cloth and keep it dry. Do not store it in a place with high humidity.
5/ Maintenance
If rust occurs in the edge of the cup after use, please use a sponge to rub the rust, rinse it with water, and apply the cooking oil to the rust to prevent rust again.

Size 15.2*15.2cm
Origin / manufacturing methods
Canadian design made in China


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