【คลาสเวิร์คช็อป】[Taipeichang Guting Store] Handmade after get off work | Healing water moss and succulent rattan circle

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The delicate and mysterious succulent climbing rattan wreath is suitable for friends who like to experience succulent hand-making. The hand-made teacher starts from the iron wire surrounding the bamboo and rattan, and teaches you from understanding the succulent characteristics to successfully fixing the plant on the bamboo and rattan wreath, and when the successful rattan is lovely The small jungle, design your own small wreath of succulent vines, whether it is hung on the door of your home or on the desk in the office, it is very beautiful and nurturing.
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ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
台北市大安區羅斯福路2段81巷16弄5號 (下班隨手作古亭貳號店)
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 10 นาที
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【คลาสเวิร์คช็อป】[Taipeichang Guting Store] Handmade after get off work | Healing water moss and succulent rattan circle


**→Succulent circle your healing circle←** If you want to add some vitality to the door of your home, then come to a bamboo and rattan wreath with a small succulent, make it yourself from scratch, and spend your own happy time. **course secrets** **Why is succulent planting so attractive?** Succulents have different looks and preferences, just like you have a small pet, and you help this plant make your own vine wreath, it seems to help him create a different colorful little world, the teacher just came into contact with Succulent When it comes to distinguishing each type of plant, the amount of sunlight and water required is also accumulated through experience, so that the head can be maintained strong and strong with succulents. Succulent is not only in the process of hand-making, but also the satisfaction and happiness of planting, so that after get off work, you can get different relaxation! https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_7a81b5d4-72cd-4398-ae8b-6f8a54effb26.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_148f0cdb-abfa-4559-b9a1-56e9fd9878b0.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_d3a0d942-84e2-47f2-95fa-f0b5d18638bc.jpg It is suitable for middle-to-high-level experience for those who like succulents, and succulent friends who want to challenge can try it! https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_e73dd736-491a-4f93-ad0e-b6509af6b172.jpg **Production process** The hand-made teacher starts with stuffing water moss and water plants, and teaches you the characteristics of plants to how to successfully put plants into bamboo and rattan. During the process, the teacher teaches step by step. https://13591.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_53694ce8-7566-4e74-84a8-f4906cbfeea4.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_c702bd7e-e626-494b-844d-7f9aad495f2e.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_58637698-ec5d-429a-abfd-5e5f7858dbc4.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_d78aec2f-1c13-4e5a-9789-a16de0eac658.jpg **Handmade experience and finished products** The course will explain the varieties and knowledge of succulents, as well as how to take care of succulents, successfully transplant the lovely succulents, match them with colorful water plants to become a unique rattan circle succulents, and finally tie a bow to complete the lovely and healing succulent bamboo and rattan. wreath. Whether it's a gift to a friend or to keep at home or on your desk, it's cute and healing! https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_299e9b35-064b-449b-9512-5e3bccb4fc26.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_1725d1e1-d739-40d2-a6c6-f7e569c3f67a.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/13591/ckeditor/pictures/content_79b052dc-5624-4cbf-863f-6c6653f013b5.jpg **▶Course Skills** Selection and fixation of aquatic plants and sphagnum moss Plant species and how to care for them How to make plant arrangement **▶Course content** Plants removed from pots and covered with moss The teacher introduces various succulents and their suitable environment How to properly fix plants and sedges IG punch card and beautiful photo teaching **▶Event Information** ·date: ・2023/01/29 (Sun) 13:00-15:00 Gutingchang ・2023/02/04 (Sat) 13:00-15:00 Gutingchang ・Number of people: 6-15 people per session (minimum number of participants: 6 people) ・Includes: experience activities, healing succulent rattan circle X1, packaging bag, self-service black tea or green tea with free flow ・Location: No. 5, Alley 16, Lane 81, Section 2, Roosevelt Road, Daan District, Taipei City 106 ・Transportation: Take the MRT to Exit 3 of "Guting MRT Station" on the Orange Line of the Green Line, go straight for 3 minutes to meet the family, turn left and go straight for a few seconds, then turn left and go straight for a few seconds when you encounter a fork in the road That's it. https://www.xiabenhow.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/674567-768x576.jpg https://www.xiabenhow.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/%E5%8F%A4%E4%BA%AD%E5%9C%B0%E5%9C%96-01-768x850.jpg **►Ticket Purchase Instructions** ・Description of ticket types ・Single ticket NT$ 1180 (market price NT$ 1380) **▶ Safety precautions** ・In accordance with the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law of the Health Bureau, if you have traveled abroad or transferred flights in the past 14 days, or have been in contact with suspected or confirmed cases of severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19, referred to as Wuhan pneumonia), please go through home quarantine for 14 days. ・If you feel unwell within 14 days before the event, or have a history of travel or contact with Wuhan pneumonia-affected areas, please seek medical attention as soon as possible. ・Cooperate with the hand-made classroom where the activity is taking place. Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection and measure your body temperature before entering. Those whose body temperature exceeds 37.5℃ will not be able to enter. ・Everyone must make contact before entering and wear a mask at all times. | About Handy After get off work | Back at home, so that you can be your truest self In every day, after the hustle and bustle and irritability, return home, this is a space where you can relax the most. No matter what the family in your heart looks like, we all hope that this is a world that belongs to you. No matter who we are, where in society, or what kind of work we do, we should all have the right to pursue happiness. Handmade after get off work, through ''handmade'' to accompany you to create your own space Your world is made by your own hands.