Simple Texture Series-Obsidian x Iolite x Terahertz x Shining Diamond Rough Stone 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Simple Texture Series-Obsidian x Iolite x Terahertz x Shining Diamond Rough Stone 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet


【Stone name】 Simple Texture Series-Obsidian x Iolite x Terahertz x Shining Diamond Rough Stone 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet 【Stone material】 Diamond cut obsidian 3mm~4mm, diamond cut iolite about 3~4mm, diamond cut terahertz about 3mm~4mm, Shining rough diamond, 925 sterling silver accessories, soft steel wire 【Stone introduction】 obsidian- Obsidian is called "Apache Tears" and "Gemstone of No More Weeping" by Indians. In Indian legends, a team in the tribe was ambushed by the enemy, outnumbered and annihilated. When the bad news came, the tears of the family members were scattered on the ground and turned into small black stones. Whoever owns them? With such a black Stone, you will never have to cry again, because the Apache girls have shed tears for you, hence the name "Apache Tears". Give obsidian to the person you like, Yu Yi will stop crying and be happy forever. Obsidian is also often used as a Gemstone to ward off evil spirits. Because of its powerful and pure energy, it is often used as a talisman, which can strongly resolve negative energy. It can make people stable, relieve stress, calm down, and eliminate emotional distress. It can also strengthen the power of action, enhance the charisma, centripetal force, and help the cause, also known as the "leader Stone". cordierite- cordierite<Lolite> The name comes from the Greek ios, which means "purple". It is dichroic and appears blue or violet in different light. Its clear and attractive color is also known as "water sapphire". Iolite is clean and clear in color, like the winter sky, and is also a well-known spiritual Gemstone, said to dispel negative energies, encourage dreams and intuition, and journey exploration. Terahertz- Terahertz is a mineral characterized by solid visual effects and a Silver that can improve people who are stressed or have negative thoughts. Shining Diamond- Shining Diamond: Balance the seven rounds of purification and eliminate negative energy. The Shining Diamond is a purification Stone, which can improve your crystal while purifying. It can also balance and purify the seven chakras, eliminate negative energy, help develop the crown chakra, and enhance our ability to sense crystals. Increase your personal aura, remove tension and stress, and make your spirit and ability stronger. It can also improve spirituality and increase the clarity of consciousness. Allows you to have a higher degree of spiritual development, peace of mind, harmony and firmness of consciousness. Adopt 925 sterling silver up and down buckle, easy to wear. 【Hand circumference measurement】 - Place the tape measure close to your wrist and make a circle around it. If you don't have a tape measure, you can use a rope or thread to circle around your hand before placing it flat and measure it with a ruler. Please do not add the size in centimeters when placing an order. It is 16cm, please note 16cm, please note the size of the net hand measurement according to the actual close measurement. [If you don't know how to measure, please contact the designer]^^ -Please measure and note the customized hand circumference size when placing an order. The designer will make a suitable size according to your hand circumference. If you have special needs, please contact the designer! - Please be sure to note the size of the hand circumference when placing an order, in order to speed up the production speed, and send the customized bracelet as soon as possible. If it is a gift, please be sure to measure it before placing the order, and make a note when placing the order, because the size of the hand circumference varies from person to person. The same, the size cannot be accurately guessed, please understand~ ^^ 【About the wire】 Made of soft steel wire, it is not easy to break and has strong toughness. 【About packaging】 shipped with 1.fitter brand box 2. Silver cloth 3. Maintenance instruction card 4. After-sales maintenance service card Thank you very much for your love of Fitter design, please take a few minutes to read the following precautions before placing an order and agree to place an order~ ^^ 【About degaussing and purification】 -Natural stone jewelry will be demagnetized before being sent, and the jewelry can be worn directly after receiving it - After that, please refer to the webpage link for the recommended degaussing method. 【Intimate service】 -Because each person's hand circumference is different. Please provide the customized hand circumference accurately when placing an order. The bracelet will be made in a comfortable size according to the hand circumference you provide. The arrangement and combination ratio of the bracelet will be slightly adjusted according to the size of the hand. Pay attention to the information on the site, the designer will reconfirm the size of the clean hand with you. 【Precautions】 -The product is the size of the net hand circumference provided after you place an order and purchase, and start to make it by hand. After the sale, there is no return or exchange except for defects. - Each Stone may have different colors/shades/textures. The characteristics of natural stones may have some minor flaws such as ice cracks/cotton wool/impurities/grinding. Please understand the characteristics of natural stones before placing an order. -It is normal and inevitable for natural stones to have flaws. Completely flawless crystal, it may be too post-processing, not a completely natural stone. Because it is a natural stone, the color and crystal of each bead cannot be the same. - Hand-made products may have hand-made traces (such as winding or glue, etc.), which are not as perfect as machines or plastic products. The pendant head may have traces of welding. - Regardless of gold/ Silver/ Bronze/alloy, all materials may gradually oxidize or fade with time/environment/temperature and humidity and personal wearing habits. Please refer to the maintenance method! -The products are all taken in real products. Due to the different ambient light sources where each computer display or camera is shooting, there may be some slight chromatic aberration, please understand! -The jewelry is exquisite and small, and it is no problem under normal use! Please don't pull too hard! -The arrangement, combination and proportion of the bracelet will be slightly adjusted according to the size of the hand! - There is no seven-day appreciation period for customized products, and there is no return/exchange service except for defects. After receiving the product, if you need to change the size, you need to bear the return shipping and modification cost. 【Maintenance method】 - Please avoid wearing it when sleeping/bathing/washing your hands, it can slow down the oxidation of jewelry. Most of the accessories that want to prolong the life are not recommended to take a bath (contact cleaning products), especially not to take a hot spring! - Metal materials (gold/ Silver/ Bronze/alloy) are worn for a long time in contact with water/air/sweat/cosmetics/chemicals, etc., which are easy to cause oxidation and fading, and can be cleaned with a Silver cloth; Bronze can be Use Bronze oil to wipe maintenance. Stone jewelry can be wiped clean with toilet paper or dry cloth dipped in water. -Please avoid direct sunlight for a long time. If not worn, it can be stored in a sealed zipper bag! - Frequent replacement of worn accessories will also help prolong the life of the product! [After-sales maintenance service] - Please take a photo of the damage to the repair jewelry and send a private message to the designer. -You have one year of free maintenance for any jewelry purchased, and elastic threads are replaced free of charge for elastic thread jewelry. Other types of maintenance are based on different products. Ask for a quote! Free maintenance refers to free (manpower/time/manual maintenance costs) rather than free replacement or replenishment of natural stone and accessories materials. It is quoted according to the different products! Bronze or sterling silver fittings will be serviced free of charge if you send them back for repair. - Please send the jewelry back within one week after contacting for maintenance. You need to pay for the return shipping. -The repair period will be sent within one week, and the repair will be sent to you as soon as possible (please provide the return address and zip code). -After one year, the warranty expires, and the maintenance fee will be charged according to the condition of the jewelry. - One year is counted from the date of delivery, and guests are responsible for the return shipping costs.


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