Glass kagami mochi, chewy (large), hemp charcoal glass, made with original hemp charcoal from the Himalayas

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แก้ว ของวางตกแต่ง สีใส - Glass kagami mochi, chewy (large), hemp charcoal glass, made with original hemp charcoal from the Himalayas


Work size: H approx. 120mm x W approx. 110mm x D approx. 110mm (with red felt) *There are multiple photos, but the price is for a single item. *The 1st and 7th photos are size comparisons of large and small. *Weight: Approx. 350g *As each item is handmade, there may be slight differences in size and color from the photo, but we hope you understand that the taste is unique to handmade products! *About Kagami-mochi Work concept Kagami-mochi for the New Year has been handed down as an offering to the gods and Buddha. There seem to be various ways of decorating and meanings depending on the region and era, but due to changes in lifestyle in recent years, kagami mochi, which used to be a ritual, has come to be accepted as interior decoration, and now kagami mochi made of various materials are available. doing. YUGEN GLASS creates kagami-mochi using glass, a transparent material that gives off the feeling of light, with the hope that the new year will be bright and fun. For this reason, by molding it as a solid block that encapsulates light, it is finished with an unwavering, solid sense of stability and a soft roundness that symbolizes a harmonious family life. And with the desire to keep it fresh and healthy forever, we expressed the white color using air bubbles that give the impression of water. Each bubble is generated from hemp charcoal. The moment the hemp charcoal meets the hot glass, it turns into ash, and when the glass is wrapped around it again, it becomes air bubbles that remain forever. The orange on the top is made of gold leaf, and contains the wish that it will shine brightly for generations to come. This kagami-mochi does not get moldy (lol), so I would be happy if our ancestors could use it for many years to come. Red cloth has the meaning of preventing bad things from entering the house, so please use it together. *Please be careful when exposed to direct sunlight as there is a risk of condensation fire! *Each piece is carefully handmade. Since it is made to order, please allow time for delivery. *What is hemp charcoal glass? Hemp charcoal glass is a technique in which air bubbles are generated by sprinkling hemp charcoal powder onto hot glass, then winding the glass on top of it to enclose the hemp charcoal. (Each bubble in the glass is generated from hemp charcoal) Since light has both wave nature and particle nature, when light "transmits" the bubbles generated from hemp charcoal, it has some kind of "positive effect" on the properties of the light, and at the same time, it We believe that it may also have a positive effect on things (in the case of lights, the outside space)!? This is a ``reverse idea'' from the fact that Japanese sake and wine bottles use green or brown bottles to prevent deterioration due to sunlight. This is just my personal opinion and has no scientific backing, haha. Please make your own decisions based on your own intuition. ■Precautions for handling Glass is not heat resistant. please note. 1. It cannot withstand sudden temperature changes. Actions such as placing the item in boiling water or the freezer will damage the item. 2. Recommended hand washing and hand wiping. Dishwashers have a cleaning function that uses hot water and hot air, so they are not suitable for cleaning. 3. Prohibition of use of microwave oven. It cannot be used because it heats up rapidly. 4. Regarding storage. Glass has a tendency to break easily if it gets scratched. Please avoid stacking them or hitting them against hard objects such as glassware. 5. Regular cleaning is recommended. If glassware is not washed for a long period of time, it may become difficult to remove dirt or it may become cloudy. Please wash it appropriately.


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Glass kagami mochi chewy (large) hemp charcoal version. Let's welcome a bright new year with mold-free kagami mochi.


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