Glass Kagami Mochi Mochiri (Large) Hemp Charcoal Glass Uses Hemp charcoal, the original species from the Himalayas

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Glass Kagami Mochi Mochiri (Large) Hemp Charcoal Glass Uses Hemp charcoal, the original species from the Himalayas


Work size: H approx. 130 mm x W approx. 110 mm x D approx. 110 mm (with red felt) * There are multiple photos, but the price is for a single item. * The 1st and 7th photos are large and small size comparisons. * Weight: Approximately 350g * Each item is handmade, so the size may be slightly different, and the color may look slightly different from the one in the photo. I hope you understand the unique taste of handmade products! * About Kagami Mochi Work concept New Year's Kagami Mochi has been handed down as an offering to the gods and Buddha. It seems that there are various ways of decorating and meaning depending on the region and the times, but due to changes in lifestyle in recent years, Kagami mochi, which was a ritual, has become accepted as an interior, and now Kagami mochi made of various materials has appeared. doing. YUGEN GLASS hopes that the new year will be bright and enjoyable by making kagami mochi with a transparent material called "glass" that feels "light". For this reason, by molding it as a solid (lump) that contains light, it is finished with a solid sense of stability that does not shake and a soft roundness that means home peace. And from the thought of being fresh and energetic, I used bubbles that make me feel water to express white color. Each of the bubbles comes from hemp charcoal. The moment hemp charcoal encounters hot glass, it becomes ash, and when the glass is wrapped around it again, it becomes bubbles when wrapping the hemp charcoal and remains forever. Gold leaf is used for the orange on the top, and it is hoped that it will shine for generations. This kagami mochi is not moldy (laughs), so I hope you can use it for a long time for generations. The red cloth means that bad things do not get inside the house, so please use it together. * Be careful where it is exposed to direct sunlight as there is a risk of a converging fire! * Each one is carefully handmade. It will be made to order, so it will take time for delivery. * What is hemp charcoal glass? Hemp charcoal glass is a technique that sprinkles hemp charcoal powder on hot glass, winds the glass on it, and wraps the hemp charcoal to generate bubbles. (Each bubble in the glass is generated from hemp charcoal) And since light has both "wave nature" and "particle nature", when light "transmits" bubbles generated from hemp charcoal, it has some "good effect" on the properties of light, and at the same time, eating and drinking in the glass. I think that it may have a good effect on things (in the case of light, the outside space) !? This is the "reverse idea" from the fact that sake and wine bottles use green and brown bottles to prevent deterioration due to sunlight. This is my personal idea, so there is no scientific support, lol. Please believe in your own feelings and make a judgment. ■ Handling precautions Glass does not have heat resistance. Please be careful. 1. 1. It cannot withstand sudden temperature changes. Acts such as boiling water or putting it in the freezer will damage the work. 2. 2. Recommended for hand washing and wiping. The dishwasher has a washing function with hot water and hot air, so it is not suitable for cleaning. 3. 3. Do not use microwave oven. It will heat up rapidly and cannot be used. 4. About storage. Glass has the property of being easily damaged if it gets scratched. Handle it so that it does not overlap or hit hard objects such as glassware. 5. Recommended for regular cleaning. If you do not wash glass products for a long period of time, it may become difficult to remove stains or it may become cloudy. Please wash as appropriate.


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A hemp charcoal version of glass kagami mochi mochiri (large). Let's have a bright new year with mold-free kagami mochi.


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