Pink neon pharaoh tempered glass phone case iPhone/SAMAUNG/OPPO/HUAWEI

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The most sturdy tempered glass mobile phone case that is not afraid of scratching, all major brand models are available. For details, please refer to the table in Figure 6. Or a private message or there may be a spot of a popular model.



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Pink neon pharaoh tempered glass phone case iPhone/SAMAUNG/OPPO/HUAWEI


NOELC designer masterpiece. Three-color camouflage pharaoh pink neon color version. A king three thousand years ago, the incredible golden mask. >> Everything is just right, the new listing of glass back shells leads the trend of the times. >>Exclusive TPU soft frame material, feel comfortable, let your love machine disassemble, do not hurt the machine. >>The front protection love machine screen is higher, the rear lens anti-wear design! >> Anti-shock and anti-shock, silicone rubber is as durable as anti-wear and scratch-resistant, and it will not change color for a long time or look good! >>The back is fully durable and explosion-proof tempered glass material, effectively protecting your love machine! ---------------------------Creation concept Since I was a child, I have had a great interest in Egyptian civilization, whether it comes from movies, comics, or some scientific readings at the time. The various artistic expressions unique to Egyptian civilization always allow me to stop and study at various times, even when I am in class, and secretly look at ancient Egyptian books under the table. About five years ago. I started thinking about a question, "What is left behind in life and death?" Human history has been for thousands of years, and Confucius, Descartes, and Freud, who left the spirit, have chosen one of these billions. The rest of the princes will be, even ordinary people like you and my people? I think, probably some works and bones. "A lot of people see this picture at first sight, they will think it is a photo. But when you look closely, you will find that it is a stack of color blocks, the face only took 9 colors, and even the lines are not Use it." A few years ago I was particularly fascinated by creating minimalist style images without lines. Under the chance, I tried this work with the theme of the Pharaoh Golden Mask. After repeated revisions, drawing in different ways, the first original golden version appeared. At the moment, I feel that I am in line with my expectations, so that I have created several extended series. Regarding the first gold version, I spent about six months trying to try out the style of the brush, the overall tonality and the details. The work is actually divided into several parts, I started from the face first. First of all, after establishing the "color block" expression method, I began to fine-tune the maximum limit of each color block curvature to achieve the visually the most harmonious and rounded feeling. Again, color is my biggest problem, because I have the symptoms of color weakness, I often can't recognize multiple colors, and then because of the simplicity, I insist on the concept of "less is more" to limit the use of color. In the end, the face is finished with a 9-color limit. "Headdress and fake beard" I think is a minor part of the main face of the face, so the style of the brush is relatively close to the cartoon, and then a little more simple, more to remove the three-dimensional sense, or more flat (Flat ) the color block to represent. To set off the main vision of the face. "Shoulder-shoulder carving" I used a more unconstrained color block to present, many of the transitions, there are no rules, and even the color blocks are stacked on top of each other. It is completely different from the "face" that emphasizes smooth and degenerate performance. The relative color is dull, as the end of a "faceted" painting. In the lower part, like fading out, the mask melts and drops. Like any great work, it flows into the long river of history.


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