Praise Christmas Wreath - Small / Immortal Wreath Hydrange Wreath Christmas Gift Box

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Who said that the Christmas wreath is going to be a big circle? The flower room launches a mini eternal wreath. Fully eternal flowers, non-dry flowers, The color is more beautiful and lasting. The wreath is wrapped in a beautiful gift box. Attach a Christm



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Praise Christmas Wreath - Small / Immortal Wreath Hydrange Wreath Christmas Gift Box


The design hall has a gift paper bag to purchase ★About not withered ★ Not withered flowers in Taiwan, also known as stellar flowers or eternal flowers, Developed and produced in France in 1991, In recent years, it has been popular in Europe, America and Japan. It is specially processed when the flowers are in the most beautiful condition. It can be used for 1 year to 2 years without watering. It will not fade after being preserved in a proper environment for even more than five years. It is dyed with organic dyes, so you can dye special colors that are not available in flowers. The processed flowers are insect-resistant and have no pollen. There will be no trouble with pollen or aroma allergies. Without the flower, it will be because of the temperature and humidity time. Slowly change the color or state, you can feel the charm and change of the flower. Method of preservation without loss of flowers: *The texture is the same as the flowers after the processing without the flower, and the petals are easily damaged by the touch. * Be sure to avoid hot and humid environments and direct sunlight. Never water! * When the rainy season is found, it is possible to place dehumidifying agents and regular dehumidification near the non-flowers when the flowers are transparent. Or store in a transparent, transparent box or bag, without exposure to moisture to extend the life of the flower. * In case of dust, please do not use your hands to dial or rub. Gently wipe off the soft dusting paper or gently blow it off with a blower. * The environment with heavy moisture will cause the petals to stain, so be careful not to touch the clothes or the walls. According to the study, it is most suitable for storing the environment without any loss of flowers, the humidity is about 30-50%, and the temperature is about 18-25 degrees. For a long time, "at an extreme high temperature (above 30 degrees) extreme high humidity (80% or more) environment, The non-flowered preservation solution will flow out like a human sweat, and the stain will seep out from the pores. If the stain oozes out, it will cause coloring and dyeing, and the color will become lighter. For a long time "in an extremely dry environment (less than 20% humidity), Like our human skin, it will become dry, peeling and chapped. According to the time, temperature and humidity, the color will change slowly. It is also one of her characteristics to be able to experience the ever-changing nature of the flower. ★ product size ★ Wreath diameter is about 13cm Flower material: eternal hydrangea, eternal button daisy, eternal wood full of stars, natural rattan circle, etc. ★ purchase notice ★ * The photos are taken in real time, but due to the hand-made and flower patterns, the products cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same. * The product is currently popular without wilting, and it is normal for flowers to fade naturally over time! . * If the flower material is out of stock, it will be designed with the appropriate flower material in the same color and style. * Please put it in a dry and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight! * Every item is carefully selected and purchased after receiving the order. If you have an urgent order, you can also send us a letter, we will also find a way to assist you. * It is inevitable that the drop process will be a normal phenomenon, but it will definitely try to protect it. * If you have any problems with the goods, please do not rush to give a bad review, we will deal with you as soon as possible after contacting us.


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