Rose's name. Good Popularity Love Happiness Marriage Good Luck Crystal Bracelet Stone Strawberry Crystal

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Rose's name. Good Popularity Love Happiness Marriage Good Luck Crystal Bracelet Stone Strawberry Crystal


rose name I'm greedy All the best crystal Gemstone in the world for you all together for you then With the birth of this bracelet may you take it all the time full of happiness This is / the name of the rose / the design of this bracelet was conceived, Pink Crystal I Stone I Strawberry Crystal I Stone I Pink Tourmaline I Rose Pyroxene All the best crystal energy for women is poured into the bracelet not only full of rose color, Also full of love. 【Crystal effect】 ● Pink crystal I Love Achievement I Soothing Emotions I Good Relationship I Marriage Happiness I Pink crystals mainly develop the heart chakra, which can relax tension, relieve irritability, help to go deep into the heart, discover oneself, improve understanding, and at the same time can improve interpersonal relationships, increase popularity, and business fate. It is the best weapon for opening a business. Pink crystals can enhance the pink light in one's own aura, and pink is the color of Venus, the god of love, so wearing pink crystals can enhance the relationship between the opposite sex and bring peach blossom luck. happy marriage. In terms of health, it can strengthen the health of cardiopulmonary function. ● Strawberry Crystal I Enhance personal charm I Good popularity I Improve love fortune I Peace of mind I Long-lasting performance I Strawberry crystal is one of the love Stone, which can attract good peach blossoms, help to improve love fortune, and bring good marriage. Wearing strawberry crystals can make the brain think more clearly, and at the same time make people feel calm and peaceful, so that people around you can feel the magnetic field of love and care you exude, which helps to enhance personal charm, improve interpersonal relationships, and bring Good relationship, so it is very helpful for business work. ● Stone I Eros Stone I Firm and Passionate Love I Improve Family Happiness I Soothe Emotions I Eliminate Negative Energy I Stone is the representative of love crystal, and has the title of "Stone of the God of Love", which can enhance the fortune of love, make marriage more harmonious, and reduce disputes. At the same time, it is especially effective for people who fail in love, lose their lover, or are injured in love and lack confidence in themselves. It has the gentle energy to awaken people's need for love, which can help attract the right opposite sex and improve the fortune of love. Because the energy of rhododendron is gentle and inclusive, it is also known as the "Stone of love and balance", which can relieve depression, make the wearer happy and happy, and soften people, especially when the mood is depressed and irritable, it can also relieve depression. Eliminate negative energy in your heart. ● rose pyroxene I Good Relationship I Good Luck I Build Confidence I Harmonize Endocrine I It helps to promote the blooming of the heart chakra, and makes people more tolerant and understanding. It is of great help to modern people who are troubled by love, marriage and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Reasonable and calm, build self-confidence, increase affinity, and bring good popularity. The unique ruddy color of rose pyroxene is beneficial to improve blood circulation, reconcile endocrine, and at the same time, it is of great help to transport, making people lucky. ● pink tourmaline I Good Relationship I Positive Peach Blossom I Stable Love Relationship I Strengthen Personal Charm I It is a Gemstone with powerful energy, corresponding to the heart chakra, which can bring out the potential charm and inner beauty of the owner, enrich the expression of love, make the people around you feel the attraction of love, and cultivate romantic love. Pink tourmaline can also bring good interpersonal relationships, increase friendship and affinity, and attract positive peach blossoms, enhance the attraction to the opposite sex, and help bring wonderful love and ideal partners. ● Stone I Enhance Energy I Promote Blood Circulation I Beauty and Beauty I Increase Charm I Happiness and Good Luck I Corresponding to the root wheel, it is full of energy, can enhance vitality, endurance and vitality, can promote blood circulation, improve gynecological diseases, enhance skin regeneration ability, and has the effect of beauty and beauty. Wearing it for a long time will make people feel healthy and active, full of physical energy, more warm and gentle emotionally, and can increase the trust between partners, so that the whole body can enjoy the pleasure of skin-to-skin kiss. Stone is the most suitable Stone for female friends. Wearing it as a body Stone can give women irresistible charm and bring happiness and good luck. 【 Material I Materials 】 ● Pink Quartz I Stone I Strawberry Quartz I Stone I Pink Tourmaline I Rose Pyroxene ● Natural stone size: 5 ~ 8 mm ● Pure copper plated 14K real gold accessories I Japanese imported elastic thread ● Item number: BR1021 【 Purchase Notice | Before You Buy 】 1. All accessories in the store are exclusive customized products, non-defective products will not be returned. 2. Customized products are made in the order of the order. If the production is completed in advance, it will be shipped to you first. Please wait patiently~ 3. Nature gives each natural stone its unique life and personality, and also gives it different colors and textures. Therefore, if there are asymmetry, natural ice cracks, black spots of impurities, micro-blemishes at the holes and surface scratches, etc. , are normal circumstances, not within the scope of defects, the purchase is deemed to accept the terms. 4. The color depth of each batch of natural stones is not the same. This is the characteristic of natural Gemstone. Different color batches do not belong to the scope of product defects. 5. The photos on the website are all taken with macro shots. Please pay attention to the size of the Gemstone and do not buy them imaginatively. 6. All products in the series are handmade by designers, and there may be a slight difference between the indicated size and the actual size. It is normal for handmade products to have traces of handmade leftovers. This is the difference between handmade products and factory machine production. If you want neat and accurate products, please buy quantitative products produced by the factory. 7. Due to the camera angle, light, computer color rendering and personal perception, there will be a little color difference, please follow the actual product. 8. After placing an order, it is deemed to agree to the above notices, thank you for your cooperation. 【 After-sales Service I Services 】 ● Imported elastic threads are normal consumables, and you can enjoy free thread replacement service once within one year of purchase. ● If the elastic thread is replaced for more than one year after purchase, the cost of the replacement thread shall be charged accordingly. ● If you need to repair or replace parts, the cost will be charged according to the situation. Please send photos first to facilitate the quotation. ● All the above after-sale services need to bear the return shipping cost. 【About Jewelry Maintenance I Maintenance 】 ● Please try to avoid contact with water. The less contact with water, the longer the service life will be. If it is exposed to water, it does not matter, just dry it as much as possible. It is recommended to take it off when taking a bath, because long-term contact with cleaning products and hot water may cause damage to the jewelry. Reduces the glossiness of metals and crystals. ● The weather in Taiwan is hot and humid. If you sweat a lot, you can rinse the jewelry with water after wearing it, and then place it in a cool place to air dry. If you don't wear it for a long time, please completely dry it and then seal it with a zipper bag to prolong the service life. ● Try to avoid contact with substances containing chemical ingredients (cleaning supplies, alcohol, ointment, etc.) for jewelry. If you have the habit of spraying perfume, it is also recommended to wear it after the perfume has evaporated for a period of time. ● Avoid wearing in hot springs, bathing, and playing at the beach, so as not to affect the luster of jewelry or damage it. ● It is recommended not to expose crystal jewelry to high temperature sunlight for a long time to avoid color change. ● Because the surface of K gold jewelry is electroplated, do not use Silver washing water or Silver cloth to wipe it, it will erase the golden color on the original surface. It is recommended to use glasses cloth to wipe it clean. ● Silver jewelry turns black because of vulcanization with sulfur in the air. Just wipe it with a Silver cloth to restore its luster. If you are worried about the weight loss of Silver jewelry, you can also use a higher-grade Silver washing lotion to maintain your precious silver jewelry. 💗 Handmade with Love in Taiwan 💗


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Rose's name. Good Popularity, Love, Happiness, Good Luck, Crystal Bracelet, Pink Crystal, Rhododendron, Strawberry Stone, Love Achievement, Marriage Happiness, Good Relationship, Soothing Emotions, Improve Interpersonal Relationships, Long Red Performance, Good Luck, Enhance Energy, Promote Blood Circulation, Build Confidence, and Harmonize Endocrine I


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