Breathing with nature, space design

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"Repulsive with nature, space design" Taiwan hardcover listed!



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Breathing with nature, space design


● "Respiratory with nature, space design" Taiwan hardcover listed! Mr. Yang Tingya, who has many years of experience in floral design and florist practice, will create a floral design that blends with the home space with her own aesthetic concept. Through exploration and inspiration, find out the roots of taste aesthetics, join the nourishment of travel and cross-domain nutrients, and let floral aesthetics be presented in multiple directions. Table flowers, festival flowers, flowers, walls, drawers, vases, old pieces... through the furniture or furnishings in the home, bring the seasonal sense of the plants, so that the flowers are no longer presented in the space, but together with the space furniture Breathing coexists. After reading it, I hope you will also be amazed at it: It’s good to have flowers! Special thanks to the recommendations of three professionals: Mr. Yang Tiande Chairman of Taiwan Flower Shop Association 95th National Shennong Award Winner Mr. Yuan Zongnan Professor, Institute of Interior Design, Chung Yuan Christian University Yuan Zongnan Lighting Design Office Design Director Professor of Central Plains Alumni Association, Professor, Institute of Interior Design, Chung Yuan University Mr. Chen Mingda Chairman of the think tank of the Taipei City Interior Decoration Business Association Former Associate Professor, Department of Design, National Normal University -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ●Yang Tingya teacher's preface Natural law, respect for nature, natural symbiosis Exploring has always been a favorite thing! Learning, always sailing forward! It seems that there will always be endless knowledge, long intelligence and certain things, Because of this, let life become interesting, rich, challenging, and amazing... Precipitating, the position of plants in our lives, tangible, intangible, concrete abstract, spiritually aware... What should we interact with plants, how to let plants enter the space where we live and live, and how do we protect the ecological environment of plants and symbiosis? The laws of nature and ecology are powerful forces, but they are also gentle and inclusive. This is a profound experience in recent years. Plants, people, space, and culture should be linked to each other; people are the masters of space, plants are accompanied by harmony, and local culture is the soul of life. With Taiwan's local flowers and flowers, combined with floral aesthetics, rooted in local culture, the design of Taiwanese floral style after sublimation has arrived. Beauty is not a kind of knowledge, but a wisdom after life has accumulated. Receptive learning is the best aesthetic training method. When you feel internalized, you will have the ability to create new ones. These years, I often lead students from indoor classrooms to nature's infinite schools, so that everyone can understand the true beauty of plants in nature; from Taiwan's tables and chairs to the stage of international performances, exchange and study with the world, so vision Far away is also wide! "Reducing the statutory law", "going to save the culinary", and "appropriately leaving the white" is the attitude of creating intelligence and self-confidence, and also the key factor in designing good and bad, let the design return to the original, return to the essence of pure, return to the matter, everything is just right . How to deepen to this stage, it takes time to quench and achieve the beauty of timelessness. I have always felt that I am a lucky person, I have been doing my favorite work for a lifetime, reading a favorite book, so I bet a lot of time, enjoy it and have some understanding and growth. Fortunately, my work often shares the beauty of plants and the comfort and sweetness of design. Many people gave me the first floral class in his life. How happy I am! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ● Internet bookbinding, NT$65 for each registered postage, NT$90 for home delivery. Foreign postage is extra.


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