One well two-color cement hand potted + stone base (primary / dark) does not contain plants for more meat plants / cactus planting

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One well two-color cement hand potted + stone base (primary / dark) does not contain plants for more meat plants / cactus planting


**[Product concept and description]** A well series - three-inch well two-color cement hand potting, with the type of well and stone for the design concept and planted as a combination of the use of black cement and white cement after the presentation of natural elegance level, simple and simple, compact and simple, Of the breathable material to your plant and more meat to bring a better growth environment, with a mix of rich colors for the Nordic and industrial style atmosphere. Concrete materials do not do other decoration, hand molding, filling, grinding and defoaming method, the designer insisted on each finished surface to be polished close to the meticulous and perfect, each product is unique, like the natural texture of cement and attention to life Taste you, will love! **[Please note before buying]** ● JUNE GARDEN products are handmade, each piece of cement works are unique natural appearance, there are natural holes, small wear marks and the edge of the uneven is a normal phenomenon, the color depth and texture will be due to climate and various external factors, and Slightly different, perfectionist, please consider before buying. ● After the completion of each piece of cement works will go through the alkali process, will not affect the plant health, please feel safe to use. ● order orders, cement production takes about 7 working days does not contain holidays, before the purchase can ask the style whether the spot. ● hand-made each piece is unique, random shipping, will not provide replacement services. ● packaging parts have been anti-collision test, such as the transport process or unfortunately damaged, please inform the first time. **[Product contents / specifications]** ● Contents: cement pots x1, cement base x1, this product does not contain pots of plants, ornaments ● Material: cement / sand ● Size: Basin external diameter 68mm, height 60mm / internal diameter 54mm, depth 40mm (about three inches basin size) / base length 84mm, width 72mm, height 20mm **※ handmade works, the size will be slightly different, if any questions, welcome to discuss with us.** ● Package size: 100 x 100 x 100 mm kraft paper hard box ● Uses: suitable for all kinds of soil plants, meat plants, barrels ● Other remarks: the bottom of a diameter of 5mm drainage holes and anti-scratch pad, if there is no special use of drilling, please inform **[Cement basin conservation mode]** ● Cement may be due to the ambient temperature and humidity are different and thermal expansion and contraction cracks, please avoid placed in the fire next to the high temperature, the first use of the first proposed when the basin wet. ● high hardness and low toughness of cement, intolerance and heavy drop, the edge of the acute angle part of the collision may be due to the lack of angle, the use of careful. ● Cleaning method: dry with a soft brush to dust dirt, if the water can be used sponge and soft cloth to clean the surface clean. **[Meat Planting Precautions]** ● just kind of meat to make him adapt to the new environment, please 5 days after the watering, but also to avoid direct sunlight, you can first place the window light. ● If you plant in outdoor ventilation, about once a week water, indoor about two weeks. ● When the soil is completely dry and water, pour it into the bottom hole. ● more meat for the sun like outdoor plants, if the planting of natural light is weak, it is recommended to move outdoors to do sunbathing, so many meat will be healthy and beautiful. **[Brand]** JUNE GARDEN Welcome to the FB fans to share ~ **[Origin / manufacturing method]** Taiwan / handmade


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