Christmas - Honey Whiskey Cheese - 6吋 - Birthday Cake Festival Gift Box

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เหลือเพียง 10 ชิ้น
900g x 1
หลังเปิดถุง 3 วัน
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  • จำหน่ายไปแล้ว 57 ชิ้น
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☛About**Honey Whiskey Cheese** Using honey and whisky to match, the unique flavor of the creative combines the taste of the cheese to make the mouth, and then stuffed into the baked heavy cheese, double enjoy the double taste, and put a layer of fashionabl



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Christmas - Honey Whiskey Cheese - 6吋 - Birthday Cake Festival Gift Box


**This cake, because of the high risk of home delivery, please think twice before placing an order, please forgive me, thank you!!**

[Ordering Information]
※Please specify your arrival date in the remarks. “This product can be designated as the date of the order +7 days.” On the public holiday, you can't pick up the goods and ship the goods.
※After placing the order, the customer service will start to arrange the order according to the remittance! ★If there is an urgent order, please be sure to call to confirm. If the desired pick-up date is full, the customer service will contact you to change the date, thank you!!
※There is a risk in the house. Please think twice before placing the order. There may be a collision due to the delivery. The risk must be borne by yourself. Unless it is a human factor of severe deformation, the black cat house will be compensated according to the situation. The recipient can place an order. Oh!!
※ This gift box contains a bag, which is a good choice for your gift.
※This product is a frozen house, and can be used together with the cake. Please do not put the room temperature gift box into the same order. Because the shipping cost is different, we will ask you to make up the shipping fee. Thank you ^^

☛About size
1 is 6 inches in size: about 15cm in diameter and about 5cm in height

☛About the filling
Taiwan pure honey × honey whiskey × cheese cake × marble noodles

☛ Product Description Description
Product Name: Honey Whisky Cheese-6吋
Ingredients: French imported fermented cream / whipped cream, fresh eggs, cream cheese, flour, almond powder, yogurt, sugar, pure honey, whiskey, gelatin.
Product size: about 15cm in diameter (handmade, with error value)
Vegetarian: Vegetarians are not allowed.
Contents: Honey whiskey cheese / 6 吋, 6 sets of forks, 1 cake knife.
Appreciation period: frozen -18 ° C 7 days / refrigerated 4 ° C 2 days after consumption.

[Return Policy]
The products of this museum are based on the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law as food products, so the seven-day hesitation period is not applicable, and will not be returned, please forgive me!

[How to deal with house cake damage]
1. During the transportation of the car body, the road is far away, and the car body will be shaken. Sometimes the road condition is 3~5cm, the cake is displaced, the side is damaged or the decoration is dropped, and the theme pattern is not damaged or damaged. None of them is within the scope of damage compensation.
2. Please open the view of the cake immediately after receiving the article. Whenever you want to enjoy the cake, you can avoid it when you celebrate it.
3. If the cake is seriously damaged (the cake needs to be rotten, not formed, and it is difficult to distinguish the original appearance of the cake), please take a photo in the first time (you need to take a picture of the cake in the cake box), and please contact the same day. we! If it is obvious that the delivery is artificially negligent during transportation, we will contact the delivery company at the first time. Please do not throw away or eat the cake before it has been processed! Please keep the status at the time of receipt and avoid disputes with black cats.
Please be sure to contact us on the same day. If you are receiving at 6~8 pm, please contact us directly or by phone!
4. Please be sure to contact us on the same day and send us a photo message (including the outer box, damaged goods photo)
5. We will do our utmost to package and prevent "goods", but there must be risks in the home delivery. Please read this precaution before placing an order.
6. If you are not receiving the goods yourself, please be sure to sign the receipt!

Once the order is established, you understand all the instructions and agree to cooperate. We will not deal with any disputes that fail to comply with the instructions. If you cannot accept them, please do not order!!

We have repeatedly stressed that "the house has a certain degree of risk", if you decide to choose the home delivery, for your rights, please be sure to abide by the above rules. On the packaging, we have experienced many improvements, but the delivery process of the home delivery has Too many uncontrollable factors, so you can't guarantee that the cake will be delivered flawlessly!!

From the receipt to delivery, the black cat will pass through 3~4 transfer stations on the way. The logistics personnel at each station are different. The cake is not held by the delivery staff, but is placed in the freezer, even if the staff at each station are very Be careful, there may be a huge sway of the car body due to poor road conditions, or a large amount of black cats with a large amount of delivery during the holiday season. The car is often stalled and stopped, causing the temperature of the freezer to be lost and the cake to lose temperature. These are beyond our control. the elements of...
Handmade desserts, we are also careful to want to be delivered to your hands perfectly, business is not easy, every cake is hard work, we do not want to see cake damage, such a mood is no less than any customer, so It is better to let you know the worst possible situation, which is better than the exhaustion of the two sides after the incident...
Origin / manufacturing methods
Tainan, Taiwan


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