Take a Snooze - Top Soy Wax Tint Travel Scent Candle 10g (2pcs) / No.2 Hongmei KOHBAI


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    The classic Taiwan handmade 100% top soy wax candle uses a single essential oil to modulate the aroma. The ingredients a
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    嗅 The sense of smell is the most easily overlooked among the five senses. Many people don’t care about aroma. Aroma can change depression, make mood calm, and different aromas create different emotions and make people feel confident.

    ⇝ The aroma is subjective, so we modulate the aroma of different fragrances and use a single essential oil as the basis for modulation. The composition is simple and there is no burden to use.

    ☾ Use top soy wax -

    The top soy wax has a melting point of about 45-50 degrees and does not produce black smoke. Melted soy wax can be applied to the skin.

    ☾ Product Specifications -

    A special pine candlestick cover is included
    Original price | $280
    Capacity | about 10g (2 in)
    Ingredients | Top Soy Wax, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil
    Burning | about 3 - 4 hours
    Ordering | 3 days after order
    Origin | Taiwan
    Deadline | cool for 2 - 3 years
    No added fixatives, plasticizers, animal ingredients, paraffin components, stabilizers.
    Purchase the accompanying bag
    100% handmade

    蜡烛 Candle instruction manual —

    Before lighting the candle, first wipe the surface of the candle a little to make sure there is no dirt. The candle wick is upright and then lit.

    The incense candle is ignited for the first time and needs to be burned for at least 1 hour until the surface is burnt.
    There will be no potholes when it is lit next time.

    Blowing out candles is easier to emit black smoke. You can use a candlestick to cover the glass cover and let the fire go out naturally.
    Or use a pair of scissors or a cotton swab to push the wick up until the candlestick goes out.

    After the candle goes out, remember to push the candle wick back to the central position to use it for the next time.

    If the wick is too long, it is recommended to shorten it to 0.5~0.8cm. If the wick is too long, it is easier to emit black smoke!

    Each time the candle is used, the incense candle can be covered or put back into the box. It cannot be placed in direct sunlight.
    Avoid aroma volatile deterioration.

    — Aroma Introduction —

    ▶ No.1 Sesame USUKOH
    Main notes: white pomelo, white musk
    Fresh and elegant white notes, white pomelo is Japan's most popular aroma, coupled with the undefeated white musk, fresh and elegant aroma, comfortable and gentle, elegant and clear for you.

    ▶ No.2 Hongmei KOHBAI
    Main notes: cranberries, figs
    Sweet and lovely fruit notes, red berries of sweet and sour fruit, fresh figs make sweet sense more space, aroma is not sweet, girls heart essential aroma.

    ▶ No.3 Cotton WOOL
    Main notes: cotton, honey
    Soft and comfortable floral notes, the sweetness of honey sets off the gentle aroma of cotton, comfortable and warm scent, suitable for placing in the living room and bedroom, good smell without losing the unique aroma.

    ▶ No.4 Sprout Sprout
    Main notes: cucumber, bamboo
    Aroma of fresh green leaves, cucumber is a familiar taste, fresh and full of moisture accompanied by green leaves of bamboo, summer cool, suitable for you like the forest atmosphere.

    ▶ No.5 Daisy TAISYA
    Main notes: leather, amber, cedar
    With a rich wood tone, the unique aroma of the leather is complemented by the rich amber and Atlantic cedar. It is a mysterious, calm and reliable fragrance. It is a very reliable and mature fragrance dedicated to you who are unique and stable.

    ▶ No.6 Sakura SAKURA
    Main notes: cherry blossom, white tea
    Bright floral notes, cherry blossoms are one of the most popular aromas. The aroma of cherry blossoms is refreshing and soft. It is used in many common perfumes or cosmetics. The overall aroma of clear white tea becomes clear and bright. It is suitable for those who like transparent and clear aroma. .

    ▶ No.7 Mist Rose Misty Rose
    Main notes: peach, rose, rosewood
    The misty rose notes, the peach aroma is the eternal unbeaten aroma of the sweet floral scent, and the rosewood is full of mystery to the overall fragrance, giving you a mysterious and feminine one.

    ▶ No.8 楝OUCHI
    Main Notes: Petitgrain, Lavender, Patchouli
    The mysterious woody scent, Lavender is most suitable as the aroma of the pillow, the body is accustomed to some steady aromas when sleeping, the lavender is accompanied by the bitter leaves and the aroma of the soil, very comfortable natural aroma, suitable for those who love wood tone.

    ▶ No.9 SUNNY SUNNY
    Main notes: lemon, bergamot, vetiver
    Clear and bright fruity notes, crispy bright lemon aromas accompanied by sweet bergamot, fresh vetiver with a bit of leaf, the overall aroma is bright and comfortable, ideal for placing a living room or entrance, to give you a lemon fruit fragrance.

    ▶ No.10 Baby Smile Baby Smile
    Main notes: pear, orange blossom, vanilla
    Sweet fruity notes, pearly sweet water-filled aromas, white orange blossoms with sweet floral notes, and vanilla's sweet aroma are the soft sweet aromas the baby loves. It is suitable for families with children.
    (This fragrance uses allergen-free essential oils, and there are no pets or children at home.)


    调 The fragrances are all designed and prepared by Take a Snoozea. If you have any questions, you can ask us. We hope you can find the scent you like. I wish you a wonderful day.

    Taiwan 100% handmade
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Take a Snooze - Top Soy Wax Tint Travel Scent Candle 10g (2pcs) / No.2 Hongmei KOHBAI

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