Chosen Clarifying Essence Moisturizing Cleansing Gel / 150ml

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* Low-sensitivity ingredients: pregnant women, the elderly, infants and young children can use it with peace of mind *Incremental 30% bis-acidic acid addition *Using the amino acid 2.0 raw material closest to the skin * Add French imported SPA maintenance



Chosen Clarifying Essence Moisturizing Cleansing Gel / 150ml


**Do you have trouble with skin care?** Bottles and jars have been tested for several rounds but have not improved? Dry, oily or mixed muscle? Medicinal, moisturizing, oil control or gentle washing? In fact, you don't have to be so troublesome!! **99% of skin problems are caused by "oil and water imbalance"** What you need is a full-bodied, deep-cleaned yet natural ingredient. "Chosen Clarifying Essence Moisturizing Cleansing Mousse" **How to choose the cleansing products that suit you?** Choose a cleansing product that is suitable for your skin that you really want to try. However, do not let the skin allergies, itching is the most basic. "Chosen Clarifying Essence Moisturizing Cleansing Mousse" 100% use peace of mind ingredients **Then, find out what the skin needs!** "Chosen Clarifying Essence Moisturizing Cleansing Mousse" ✅Use the amino acid 2.0 raw material closest to the skin ✅Incremental addition of 30% bis-acid component ✅ low sensitivity: even pregnant women, the elderly, infants and young children can use peace of mind **Why is it useless to wipe a lot of skin care products?** Many times, not the skin care products are not good enough, but your pores are "not eaten" at all. Understand the cause of oily, dry or acne, peeling In addition to solving the oil and water imbalance, invisible dirt is also one of the problems If the dirt is not cleaned up, it is also awkward to apply more skin care products!!! **The best time to care is to "wash your face now" instead of "after washing your face".** Wash and maintain, you can also remove light makeup!!! ✅Add French imported SPA maintenance grade orange flower essential oil, whitening, moisturizing and firming once completed ✅ Super dense bubbles, easy to penetrate your pores to take away dirt, leaving the essence of maintenance! **Why can I choose "Grass Hill Coward"?** "Grass Hill Coward" was founded in Taiwan for the beauty and skin care products foundry. In the past, there have been more than 10 years of experience in the production of well-known brands at home and abroad! There are hundreds of skin problems. It is difficult for us to answer you "What is your skin needs?" **But we can tell you very loudly, "What is the skin that is not needed?"** And we have removed all the inferior ingredients and harmful ingredients!! What you stay in is the most friendly to your skin. We must compare ingredients, wash feelings, natural essential oils, aromas, and even product packaging. Just because we want to be a "conscience brand." **"Washing your face is the happiest thing of the day, thank you / let me participate in this wonderful moment."** --Brand founder Nicole Date of manufacture and expiration date: marked in packaging Shelf life: 3 years Place of Origin: Taiwan


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