"Basic" wallet bridle leather × domestically produced calf leather

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ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
&quot;Basic&quot; wallet bridle leather <D.brown> × domestically produced calf leather <Brown>


Most products are adopting carefully selected domestic leather
It is DajeyLetherProducts,

this time,
As soon as the material disappears,
In the spot plan of selling out disapproval,
Based on the standard popular Basic Wallet
We realized collaboration with famous import leather.

"British bridle leather × domestic calf wax leather"

Bridle leather originally made for harness use,
By tanning with oak which is firmly finished among many plant tannins, it is finished hard and tough.
Later, wax, oil, slowly take time, made it permeate firmly,
It is a gem that is made with very time and effort.

In addition to using it, wax and oil soaked in it slowly appear on the surface,
It brings out gloss with deep inside which can not be said anything.
Because it becomes a very robust one among the types of leather, it becomes something that increases attachment in love with long.

Such British bridle leather
By using it with Basic wallet,
Britain's traditional traditional atmosphere and modern design intertwine,
It's like,
A very interesting chemical change was born, reminiscent of the city of London where modern buildings mix together, leaving unchanged streets over 100 years ago.

Because it is a combination use of bridle leather and domestic calf leather of "Basic" series, you can enjoy the secular change of two different materials,
It is a luxurious dish.

<Function explanation>
Size: We have omitted waste in both length and breadth, so we are making it compact enough to the extent possible, so enter the shopping bag in the pocket of clothes.

Coin Case: Inside the wallet it adopts a box type which is said to be easier to put in and out first, a small pocket is also set in the lid, it is possible to store tickets etc and it is extremely easy to use.

Billing: Partitions are established, sorting of receipts etc is possible.

Vertical 9.8 cm / width 10.8 cm / thickness 1.6 cm (closed state)

Card insertion: 6 places
Coin: Large capacity
Your wallet: 2 places
Kip pocket: 1 place
Secret pocket: 1 place

Outer leather: British bridle leather
Leather: domestically produced tannin tanned kip (calf) wax
Lining: Polyester Shantung
Thread: Span
Hardware: fiocchi brass hook

☆ In the case of gifts, packaging will be free, so please tell us when ordering ☆


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