Wavy Leaf Cloth Wind | Seed | Stone| Succulent Bulbs | Boophone disticha

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Wavy Leaf Cloth Wind | Seed | Stone| Succulent Bulbs | Boophone disticha


【Saturdays succulents】 Merchandise for sale: wavy leaf cloth wind Scientific name: Boophone disticha -------------------------------------------------- ----- ⚠️Notes before placing an order: ➽ The cover is a photo of an adult plant. ➽ This model is not to be selected, and the pictures are all "reference scale drawings". ➽ The actual growth situation is in accordance with the planting method of the maintenance master. ➽ There is a slight color difference between the shooting and the actual body. ➽ Plants will grow and change over time. ➽ Bare Root will send "no pot and soil". ➽ "Family & Post Office" delivery is provided, and no personal delivery is allowed. -------------------------------------------------- ----- ☀️The plant is planted as "growth period: summer" and "dormancy period: winter" 1) In spring and summer (the daytime temperature is above 25 degrees), the soil can be watered immediately or every other week. 2) It can accept direct sunlight or 50% sunlight (when the roots are stable). 3) In winter (the temperature is lower than 24 degrees during the day), the water can be completely cut off. [Precautions for taking care of plants within one month after receipt] 1) Use medium (soil) suitable for planting and planting. If you are not sure, please refer to our article on medium (soil) deployment. 2) After planting, water it immediately and place it in a "wind blowing place". 3) Since the roots have not yet grown, be sure to avoid direct sunlight at noon and noon, and place in a bright windy place for at least one month. 4) If the planting is just in the "dormant period", please finish watering the first time. After the medium (soil) is completely dry, the water can be cut off until the growth period comes. During the "sleeping period", they are all placed in the "astigmatic and ventilated place". If it is a summer type plant, cover it with a transparent plastic cup to keep the temperature. [Introduction and deployment of medium soil] The medium (soil) of succulents has the following characteristics: ➽ Clearance There are gaps in the soil, which can help water flow and root extension. ➽ Softness In order to prevent the roots from scratching during development and causing wound infection, the soil itself should be kept soft and avoid sharp cuts. (Test method: press the index finger vertically into the soil, if the finger is not scratched, it will not be painful, it is qualified) ➽ Nutrient The soil itself should be rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter (fertilizer should be added when blending), accounting for 5-10% of the total medium. ➽ Water retention It must be moisturized for at least 3-7 days in its own growing environment (for novices, it can be 3 days). ➽ The larger the plant body (stronger water storage capacity), the longer the watering time or the shorter the moisture retention. ➽ What is a "sleep period"? Succulents originate from underground rains that are more periodic, concentrated in summer or winter. Therefore, the DNA for plants to store water during the rainy season and survive the "dry season" is cultivated. The dry season mentioned above is what we generally call the dormant period. The dormancy period does not refer to the state where the plant is completely dormant and does not drink water, but refers to the state of low vitality and saving food. Since the artificially planted environment cannot have natural rain cycles, it is necessary to match the growth nature of the plant. Watering. ➽ When should I water? Plants born in nature drink water regularly. They can rely on dew or rain from nature. Therefore, to judge the timing of watering, just look at the weather outside. ➽ When it rains, it will make: 1) the sun becomes weaker 2) the temperature is lower than usual 3) the air humidity increases When the above situation occurs, the plant will be activated from the dormant period to drink water, that is, when the artificially cultivated environment should be supplied with water. ➽ How to judge soil dryness? 1) Measure the weight by hand 🤲🏻 2) Keep a toothpick in the soil for a long time, and you can pull it up to check the humidity of the bamboo stick when you want to confirm it. ⚠️Avoid succulents in the rain Due to the relationship between the pH value in the rain and the nature of the plant (succulent is not native to Taiwan), rain should be avoided as much as possible to prevent disease death. ——————————————————————— * If the order is successful, please be sure to pick up the goods 〖within two days〗 to ensure that the plants are healthy and healthy. * If you fail to pick up the goods within two days, the plants will suffer from water shortage and dryness. It is a "normal situation". Please plant and water it quickly and place it in a [ventilated and cool] place. It will gradually recover after a few days. *The photos are all "physical real shots, stealing pictures must be investigated".


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