#Gifts are the first choice for German RITZENHOFF Greek mythology water wine pair cups (1 set of 2)

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แก้ว แก้วไวน์ สีดำ - #Gifts are the first choice for German RITZENHOFF Greek mythology water wine pair cups (1 set of 2)


**- Each cup presents a beautiful and timeless Greek mythology** **- Individually beautiful gift box packaging, containing 2 pairs of different Greek mythology cups** **- The wine glass is decorated with real gold** **- A new type of wine glass collection for design lovers and collectors** **- Individually beautiful gift box packaging, perfect for gift giving** **- RITZENHOFF quality assurance, made in Germany** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49993493348_41c966c16c_b.jpg Inspired by exciting Greek mythology, our collection of Greek mythology pairs of cups brings out its divine side. The well-known German illustrator Burkhard Neie carefully designed the curved decorative lines and the stylish robes decorated with pure gold, showing the myths and legends of the ancient Greek gods. What makes it special is this: the elegant lines on each glass in the collection are not static, but merge into one, forming a Greek mythology and legend that comes to life with a slow rotation of the glass. Each glass in the collection tells a different and fascinating legend. These two glasses tell the story of Dionysos & Pan (Bacchus and Pan) and Zeus & Semele (Zeus and Semele).**If you turn this specially designed glass, this saga about the gods will unfold like a magical short story on the glass.** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49993954151_968337a607_b.jpg Red wine is not only the perfect companion for a stylish dinner party, but also the best companion for wine lovers to enjoy a quiet mind in quiet moments. The ingenious decorative pattern is printed in the noble platinum material, and the color of the pattern corresponds to the shimmering ruby color of the wine. In the most perfect cup shape, each red wine can develop a mild velvety aroma that brings out its own aroma. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49993493428_d08b560a50_b.jpg **Elegant design by famous German illustrator Burkhard Neie** Concept and visual design for well-known companies such as KaDeWe in Berlin or Galeries Lafayette. His illustrations are popular with major newspapers and well-known publishers. The work is marked by a different way of thinking, a bridge between tradition and modernity, with a simple yet decorative aesthetic. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49993472273_8b02a782a3_o.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49993954186_9c5c64bd27_b.jpg **Join hands with Germany's top design team to create a new glass creative design** Taking the milk cup as the concept, the ordinary glass is matched with the modern style design, which adds artistic value to the glass. The packaging is also ingenious, and the design texture full of life interest has attracted the collection of milk fans all over the world. https://wuz.com.tw/images/185/19185_album_2_5d1c3d6199527.jpg German RITZENHOFF, as the most famous high-tech glass manufacturer in Germany, is constantly seeking innovation in production technology and design creativity. It is the first brand leading the German glass industry. It has the most advanced printing technology and can print as many as eight types at the same time. Organic colors, as well as precious metal frame techniques such as gold or platinum. https://wuz.com.tw/images/114/19114_album_3_5d15d4c5c8bab.jpg 【Product specifications】 Dimensions: Cup - Height 12.4 x Diameter 9.3cm Capacity: about 540 cc (maximum capacity) Material: lead-free crystal glass Origin: Germany 【Precautions】 1. The decorative pattern of the wine glass contains precious metals such as platinum, please wash with water and hands 2. The contents should not exceed 70 degrees C, and should not be placed in microwave ovens or ovens. When the cup is used, it should not be rapidly cooled and heated, and the temperature difference should be controlled within 40 degrees C to prevent rupture.


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Each cup presents a beautiful and eternal Greek mythology, individually and beautifully packaged in a gift box, containing 2 pairs of different Greek mythological stories


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