Tochigi Leather Furoshiki Hand & Snap Button Set

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1 - 3 วัน
Tochigi Leather Furoshiki Hand & Snap Button Set


"Furoshiki Hand" and "Snap Earrings" are now set! An excellent thing for the bath cloth hand that becomes a bag when attached to the bath cloth. It is a handle of the bag. We use durable, soft Tochigi leather. As you use it, it will gradually become better texture. It is recommended that you use it together with a furoshiki with a size of 90 cm or more. The set's snap button can be used as a button that can hold the opening so that the contents of the bag can not be seen when the bag is made. Excellent things that can be easily attached without sewing on the furoshiki. When you want to change the position to attach can be removed, it is a convenient specification that can be used around your favorite. (Please note that the hole at the tip of the needle will open in the furoshiki.) Commitment to the Furoshiki Hand Tochigi Leather Belt Moist and soft while having sufficient thickness and stiffness. The Furoshiki Hand is made of this "Noki-Taki" leather. Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd. is a long-established leather manufacturing plant founded in 1955. Leather is a creature. There is no fixed manual here, as the conditions change depending on the season and the weather. It is entrusted to the eyes, senses and senses of the craftsmen who have been cultivated in a long history. ◆ Kaya ◆ A fusion of Japanese tradition and new culture that has been around since ancient times. Kaya, a gift brand that can meet "new shaped Japan" Under the theme of "enlightenment of civilization", we will propose an exciting modern Japanese goods that are full of color and color. ※ This item will be handmade by artisans one by one. Therefore, the shape and color may be slightly different. Please note. ※ As the snap button has a sharp needle point on the function, please be careful to handle it carefully so as not to get injured. ※ Please use and store out of reach of children and pets. < Size Length 25 cm Width 2.8 cm Material Hand: Leather / Snap pin: Leather, brass Country of origin Japan


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