Moroccan handmade limestone white camel pack

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Moroccan thousand-year old handmade tanned leather with Sara design elements American camel bag family, the size that is


Camel Hump Atay

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Moroccan handmade limestone white camel pack


**Moroccan Handmade Leather brings classic totems into your everyday outfit** The color of the same bag is the same, but there may be some differences in the position of the embossed pattern, which is the warmth and surprise of the African-American handmade bag. Moroccan handmade leather imprint Just a good size, put iphone6s plus can also be placed under the not too exaggerated hypertrophy long clips, coin purses, keys, handkerchief toilet paper. **About | Moroccan Leather** Morocco Morocco; Moroccan In addition to Moroccan, in the words of professional leather means__leather__is a fine and flexible African animal leather of Moroccan specialties. Because of its high-quality feel and saturating delicate taste, it was used by Europeans to create lady's gloves and shoes since the 16th century. It has also been used to make luxurious cover covers, wallets, and luggage cases. Visually saturated red, blue, black, and green are all common; the feel is excellent, soft but durable. Persist in not using cheaper modern tanneries, all the leather parts of the Camel brand Mint tea use the millennium traditional tanning techniques. The men's hands touch not only the leather, but also the essence of historical culture. size: 27 cm wide / 18 cm high / 7 cm thick note: - The cortex will be hard to receive. After use, the Moroccan leather will gradually become softer. The color may also be slightly darker, the surface brighter, and the more pleasing the eye looks. - The fresh Moroccan purse just received may have a strong "Moroccan taste". Dehumidification can dilute the taste, or let her go, and it will fade with the smell. - Moroccan non-scale industrial dyeing in Morocco. Dripping leather may cause discoloration when rubbed with water. Be careful not to carry rain! - No special maintenance is required. If you insist on maintenance, use ordinary cow leather care cream. - Bags are made by uncle and aunt Moroccan, hand-made by the naked eye, small differences in size, small scratches caused by leather surface treatment or leather itself birthmark, hand rubbed dye uneven color, sewing thread head not cut clean, etc. You may find the difference between these masters' manual craftsmanship and the Shanghai style. Because of this, all bags are unique, there is only one!! If a good friend wants to buy two of the same can be private information for us, but I can only try to find the material to do it for you. Because each one is different, this is our Moroccan-style romance. We dare not expect everyone to understand and love it. But we recommend it to those who love it and love it.


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