Rush cloth flower handbag / rush weaving

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Rush cloth flower handbag / rush weaving


Lin Zi uses rough weaving patterns of rush grass and colorful fabrics to design a lively and playful handbag, which can hold mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc., and can be carried out easily. It is one of the good daily accessories. In the summer of 2020, Linzi launched a brand new printed fabric. The design inspiration comes from all kinds of daily life in the small town of Yuanli, and each pattern has its own story behind it. Whether it’s the scenery on the sea line road, the various birds that feed on the small creatures in the rush field, the image of the triangular rush, etc., we hope that everyone can learn more about Linzi and this land through the story of cloth flowers. Tracks of Time/ Bay Leaf/ Triangle Bush/ Sealine Sky White-bellied Crake/ Colored Sandpiper/ Grass Field Life **/ Specifications and materials/** Commodity size: length 21.5cm x height 23cm, including handle height is 36cm Inner pocket: 10cm x 17cm The main material of the product: triangular rush, cloth, leather Cataloging thickness: 3-4 lines (please refer to the grading instructions for the series) Number of levels: 4 levels **Handmade products may have an error value of plus or minus 0.5 cm in size specifications, please do not place an order if you cannot accept it.** **/ Grading Description/** Lin weaving is all manual work. In the process, according to the difference in the thickness of the grass and the strength of the hand, the finished products have different degrees of detail. The degree is divided into four levels: rough (classic), medium, fine and fine. The thickness of the catalog is in units of one inch (one inch = 3.03 cm), and the intersection of the upper grass and the lower grass is a row. The more rows per unit length, the finer the weaving patterns and the longer the working hours. **/ Craftsman's signature/** You can be surprised to find the signature seal of the craftsman on the product tag. **/ Purchase Notes/** 1. The products are all handmade. It is normal that there will be slight differences in grass color and weaving. Return and exchange services will not be provided for non-major defects. 2. Rush is a natural material. Please read the product maintenance method in detail. If the product is damaged or moldy due to improper personal use and storage methods, the product cannot be returned or exchanged. **/ Matters needing attention in rush care/** 1. Keep dry Please keep the product dry and do not store it in a box or a humid space for a long time. If the product will not be used for a long time, please dry it and store it in a sealable bag. 2. If you have nothing to do, just bask in the sun Rush products will produce aroma when exposed to sunlight, and if the taste becomes weak, it means that they need to be exposed to the sun! 3. Can be scrubbed, do not soak If you need to clean the product, please wipe it with a damp cloth, or scrub it with a neutral detergent, and do not soak it in water. 4. Soft brush to remove mildew If the product is moldy due to moisture, please use a soft bristle brush to gently brush off the mildew, then wipe it with a damp cloth, and finally expose it to the sun to completely remove the moisture.


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Lin Zi used rough weaving patterns of rush grass and brand design cloth flowers to design a lively and playful handbag, which can accommodate mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc., and can be carried out easily. It is one of the good daily accessories. Please read the [Purchase Notes] at the bottom of the "About Product" page before placing an order.


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