Balanced concerto/malachite green highlight moment natural gemstone sterling silver bracelet

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_Highlight moment highlight moment _ Highlights, the most white and conspicuous bright spot in the drawing. Brightness and darkness, the harmony of levels and balance creates an ideal picture, A quiet and saturated moment. Black and white and saturated green are your highlight colors?



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Balanced concerto/malachite green highlight moment natural gemstone sterling silver bracelet


_Highlight moment highlight moment _ Highlights, the most white and conspicuous bright spot in the drawing. Brightness and darkness, the harmony of levels and balance creates an ideal picture, A quiet and saturated moment. Black and white and saturated green are your highlight colors? **▿Making material** Gems: Malachite, black tourmaline, sands obsidian, blue tiger eye Silver jewelry and accessories: S925 sterling silver / electroless plating Dadizhi jewelry uses sterling silver and natural gemstones, without artificial dyeing, glue filling, etc. The gemstones show natural color and a little cloudiness, which is normal. If you have any doubts about the material, please contact the designer. **▿Chain length & type** Specific measurement! Find your ideal size~ **▿Bracelet size** The original models Chiduo: 14cm, hand around 14-16__exclusive collection__after ordering make your exclusive adjustable size. Size: 13-20 cm, the designer will adjust the size to order with the same aesthetic style. There may be price adjustments beyond 20cm, you can contact the designer to discuss. Maximum size of this gem: 8.25mm - **▿Pre-purchase instructions** The measurement method is as illustrated in the picture~ All styles will have marked attributes: -Pre-purchase instructions- The measurement method is as illustrated in the picture~ **All styles will have marked attributes: exclusive collection and customization of the same style** (Exclusive Collection) designer pure hand-made hand crafted goods reserved for texture, This commodity is a thing a shot form__style, size, and with precious stones are the photos will be identical__. The photos are all real products. Due to the different definitions of computer color, shooting light, or personal perception, it is inevitable that there will be color differences. The products are mainly real products. Please understand that you can accept the purchase. If you have any questions, please ask the designer . (Same model order) This product is taken__original version has been sold or your order is different in size.__Each piece of natural gemstones will not be exactly the same in color, pattern, and inclusions. Similar quality gemstones will be selected. Depending on the design, they will be made by adding or reducing beads, buckles, or metal chains; the length can be customized , The layout may be adjusted according to the length, but the principle is not to affect the texture of the original design. Above, if you can accept the purchase, if you have any questions, please ask the designer. **▿Wearing and maintenance** The best way to maintain sterling silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because the body oil can keep the silver jewelry's natural and moist luster, but depending on the wearer’s physical acid-base relationship, some people will wear it brighter, some people will easily oxidize and turn yellow. black. However, it does not affect the nature of pure silver. If it is oxidized, just wipe it with the included silver cloth, or use a soft toothbrush with toothpaste and lightly brush it with cold water and dry it. (Remember that the silver wiping cloth contains pure silver maintenance ingredients, which can be reused and cannot be washed.) In addition, it is recommended that each gemstone jewelry be stored separately to avoid scratches due to friction. Snake-bone chains, hard chains, etc., once damaged, it is difficult to repair, so avoid stretching and collision. Special reminder: For pure silver and natural gemstones, avoid environments with high pH and exposure to chemical substances, such as hot springs, perfumes, lotions, and powerful detergents, to prevent discoloration and deterioration and corrosion that affect their service life. **▿Packaging** We use environmentally friendly packaging materials and use honeycomb paper instead of bubble bags as cushioning materials. Purchase and provide basic packaging (basic packaging/silver-wiping cloth warranty card), or can purchase additional moisture-proof flannel bags, We also provide premium gift packaging (exquisite gift boxes and bags/brand flannel bags/silver-wiping cloth warranty cards/handwritten cards can be filled in by themselves or handwritten on their behalf). **▿Customized goods return statement** -We hope that every piece of work can become a treasure in the hands of customers. Any questions about the product after sale are welcome to ask. We are happy to answer for you. Dadizhi's products are all customized products, and no refunds are accepted for personal factors. Except for major defects, wrong products, or damage during shipping, returns are not accepted. If you really need to apply for a refund if you encounter the above factors, please submit it within 7 days from the next day after receiving the product. If the application is overdue or does not meet the scope of return, the product will not be returned. And please communicate with us before submitting the application. After both parties agree to send back, the complete product (including packaging and protection) will be sent back within 3 working days, and at the same time, we will be notified of the logistics unit and the shipping number for tracking. We will confirm the status of the product and complete the refund process within 2 working days after receiving the product. -The shipping time for handmade custom-made jewelry is about 7-10 working days. If the original size product is designed without modification, it will be shipped within 3 days. Please wait patiently, and thank you very much for your consideration! -Please measure the size you need in the method provided, the size error of 0.5cm will not affect the wearing. If you need to adjust the size of the product after it is shipped, you will be responsible for the round-trip shipping. If you have any questions, please contact the designer for communication. ▿After-sales warranty and maintenance of goods: Please be sure to contact the designer first for maintenance and repair, return and exchange. According to the pinkoi product return policy, Dadizhi products belong to the category of customized products except (exclusive collection: size and other specifications are not adjusted). 1. Within seven days after arrival ①Refund for damage during delivery: The design hall is responsible for paying the round-trip freight, please return the product with the original packaging. 2. The received product size does not match ① Contact the designer and send the product back with the original packaging after the wrong size. ②If you measure wrongly, the freight will be paid by you. If the shipping size is wrong, the design hall is responsible for paying the round-trip shipping. 3. Within half a year after purchase ①The product maintenance is free: the product and the maintenance card must be returned to bear the single freight ②Parts replacement warranty/free parts replacement fee: goods and maintenance cards must be returned, and one-way freight must be paid. Please contact the designer after purchasing maintenance and other services for half a year~:)


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