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    ▲▲ turn forwards the tape (handmade) - Blue Tile block ▲▲
    (Only in the production of an after sale) ~ no cloth fabric factory is not produced. (; _;)

    @ Free to change the shape of simple and lovely.
    * Stand up - large rabbit ears.
    * Multi-circle turn to stand up - bunny ears
    * Positive pressure - like bow.
    * Press down side - low-key Peter Pan knot.
    * Back around - French girl.

    @ Small kite own special hose aluminum. (Not rusty)
    Concave recess to extend to durability.
    (Note: the market is generally easy to rust easily broken wire)

    @ Wear all day. Head nor uncomfortable (try a small kite day experience)
    Long / Short / header can be.

    @ Accommodating way: roll up less pressure off (like roll sushi roll up).

    @ Cleaning method: hand wash dry flat to (disabled washing machine clothes Oh).

    ▲▲ high standard perfectionist Do single small kite goods are 100% hand-made himself
    Commodity inevitable that some promise for traces of hand. This is the hand for non-manufacturing factories.
    Does not affect the wear and appearance. Perfectionist troublesome left hand as the creator of a way out.
    (Please do not orders - Please Come again later caused both unpleasant.)
    It is strongly recommended that you: to be able to buy high-end department store.

    @ Finished Size about: length 86 * width 5.2 cm (suitable for large head circumference 52 to 58 cm).
    Full length 75 * width 5.2 cm. (For child head circumference 47-51 cm)
    @ Cable Accessories - using Taiwan fabrics.

    @ Number of Units -1 price 180 yuan

    @ Each is handmade. Cropping pattern fabric texture will be slightly different position Oh!
    (But certainly is the same batch of fabric)

    @ Before ordering - if you have any questions, please contact the designer asks click! Oh thank you!

    @ Reply to the same question orders: 20:00 to 22:00 Oh.

    @ Color computer how many there will be errors. Commodity according to the actual product.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

    ▲▲ shipping (post office):
    * Saturday, Sunday, most of the rest in the post office - a small kite Saturday, Sunday can not send goods.
    * General registered parcel - post office -**((can not specify the time of delivery))**.
    * After sending about 2-4 days to receive the package - shall be in accordance with the respective post offices to availability - please note Oh.
    * When the post office delivery - if no one received the parcel - for a buyer to carry an identity card and stamp their own parcels to the post office.
    * If you are not at home or inconvenient parcels sent home - a small kite recommend buyers choose family Chain Store (shop to shop to pick up).

    ▲▲ Shipment (Family Chain Store - shop to shop):
    * After about two days will be sent to the designated President Chain Store (does not include - a non-24-hour stores can - wait time will be longer).
    * SMS notifications will take - buyer (I) carrying an identity card and inform the President Chain Store clerk your name.
    Be sure to 6 days to receive goods.
    * The package because none had the time to pick up. Chain Store merchandise will be returned to the small kite.
    Buyers should "be" pay the second shipping costs 60 yuan.
    (Case of going abroad or travel issues and other factors - just miss pick six days.
    Please leave a message to inform small kite - will delay the time of goods sent)
    ▲ shop to shop to pick up - refers to the paid - President Chain Store to go pick up)
    **((((((((((((((((((No cash on delivery)))))))))))))))**

    ▲▲ shipping. Sent to Hong Kong. Macau, mainland China.
    Please select Pinkoi international transit center (do not select mailing. Mailing refers to the island of Taiwan)

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

    ▲▲ Origin / manufacturing methods:
    Taiwan MIT / small hand-made kite

    ▲▲ has not yet received the parcel condition most often:
    1. Family / Building Management Office / sign on behalf of a neighbor.
    2. School Hospital. Large enterprises. Mailroom has been stamped on the parcel received letters warehouse.
    3. remote mountainous areas. Taitung. Penghu. Matsu Golden Gate. (Need to wait for another 4-6 days)
    (Little more than you worry kite package did not let you get)

    ▲▲ receive the goods:
    As commodities sent the wrong color. Goods in transit serious damage. Please inform small kite. Will try to handle.
    If without any communication directly to a small negative comment Kite weeping (; _;)
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Small kite - turn forwards with (manual) - Blue Tile block

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