Painted enamel color striped enamel cup 400ml cup coffee cup salad gift Valentine's Day


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    Enamel Art Street & Enamelstreet Colorful Magic Hand Painted Enamel Cup 400ml

    / Colorful magic series /
    Color enamel glaze will be presented in a straight line style, with warm white background staggered with, like a seven-color rainbow pretty, in each kind of utensils show colorful lovely appearance!
    /unique charm/
    Painted enamel break through the general flow back and forth, shake the craft, especially in the outer layer of the use of touch strokes smear skills glaze, color contaminated mix and match performance is full of unique hand feel, so the cup outside the thick and there are levels of touch, Pay the fashion taste, cultural and creative enamel new look

    Cup body - the main color of 8 colors with warm white and white, the main color and then random contamination of eight colors to create a sense of hand
    Cup - warm white

    About capacity 400ml, cup 9cm (Dia) X9.5 cup wide cm (Dia) X height 7cm (H)

    / Material /
    Cup body - iron / coating - enamel / fitter -304 stainless steel ring

    / Cute light packaging /
    Today, the general packaging small facelift for the "lovely light packaging", if you do not pay any packaging needs, we provide you with the lightweight packaging! Lightweight packaging for the general use and gifts, without losing the dignity is also very generous ^ ^ hope you will like
    Cute Light Packaging Materials:
    A. Coffee at the end of the English newspaper wrapping paper
    B. white lace paper mat (type random)
    C. linen rope
    D. Enamel Art Street Handwriting LOGO Zhang Yin Niu leather bag

    / Origin /

    / Use small exhort /
    A. painted enamel vision, touch are full of hand-made appearance, so when receiving the goods, do not surprise! This is the unique visual experience of painted enamel
    B. enamel art street enamel goods are small, limited production, before the order, please confirm the current number of commodity inventory.
    C. enamel goods are handmade, the product surface will appear a little black spots, bubbles, hanging traces, such as cup edge, handle inside, are enamel process of normal phenomenon, does not affect the use of goods, if the perfectionism Please do not place an order.
    D. Enamel products are subject to SGS inspection [SGS report number CT / 2015 / C0440], enamel glaze will not have the color of the doubts, please rest assured that use.
    E. enamel goods to avoid heavy pressure, to sharp objects strong impact, if found on the surface of glaze, peeling off the situation, it is recommended to stop using or contact us.
    F. Please use a mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.
    G. enamel goods embryo body for the metal, suitable for young children to use, but to prevent enamel damage, improper use and other circumstances, it is recommended to accompany adults to use.
    H. enamel goods due to the excellent effect of holding ice, if the touch near the location of the heating source recommended the use of insulation pad barrier, to avoid hot feeling.
    I. enamel goods suitable for direct combustion of gas stove, induction cooker direct use, but do not burn and use the microwave heating.
    J. enamel goods when used do not instantly alternating hot and cold, and easy to cause enamel layer thermal expansion and contraction of the situation, it is recommended when alternating hot and cold, are first placed at room temperature and then use.
    Origin / manufacturing method
    Origin of Taiwan handmade
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Painted enamel color striped enamel cup 400ml cup coffee cup salad gift Valentine's Day

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