Soapless Family Soap -10 In (15 Clothing Soap Essential Oil Added)

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When a child’s mother realized that her own mother worried about me, I was worried about it. From the time the child was



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Soapless Family Soap -10 In (15 Clothing Soap Essential Oil Added)


[Product design story] When a child’s mother realized that her own mother worried about me, I was worried about it. From the time the child was born to take a bath or even to the cleaning of the clothes, he would not be sloppy, so he developed this laundry soap to clean baby’s clothing. Or personal clothing. [Product design concept] When the original design that takes into account a soap mostly at home mom or your own personal clothing will be used to clean, so there is no 100% of coconut oil in the design formula, but rather added**Soapberry concentrate Extract**and**Green Melaleuca essential oil**to help clean and remove bacteria and viruses, good wash does not hurt the hand. The scent part is selected as the source of the scent of the white layer of green flower (which belongs to the same family as the tea tree). After the clothes are washed, there will only be a light and relaxing fragrance. [Commodity uniqueness] Add soapless extract and Green Melaleuca essential oil to help remove bacteria [applicable] infant or children hand laundry or personal clothing cleaning 【Production ingredients】 pure water, refined coconut oil, refined palm oil, canola oil, concentrated soap extract, green Melaleuca essential oil, sodium hydroxide. 【Usage】 Use the soap to clean the clothing after wetting it. [net weight]: 100 grams ~ 110 grams [unopened storage method] As for the dry and dark environment [Saved by Kaifeng] Please put it in a soap tray and keep it dry and ventilated [Storage period] 18 months after opening 【Enable Date】printed on soap [About Cold Soap] After the natural oils and bases are used as a mixture of chemical reactions, fatty acid sodium and glycerol are generated and left to mature at room temperature for about 4 weeks to 6 weeks. The maturation time of different soaps will be different. Allowed to hand over to each guest. [SomeSoap's Handmade Soap] ○ does not contain fixatives, alcohol, parabe and EDTA ○ Without SLS and SLES ○ Do not use soap to make soap ○ Standard SOP Manufacturing Process ○ Low temperature extraction of active ingredients into soap ○Handmade soaps are made at the level of skin care products 【Place of Origin and Production Method】Taiwan - Cosmetic Formulator Pro 【Precautions】 1. Because it is purely hand-made, soap does not have the same cut as each piece, and there will be some slight errors. 2. The natural oils and oils will cause the color of the oil to be slightly different due to the different growing seasons of the plants, and will also affect the color of the final product. 3. Use natural pigments (for example, palm oil, cocoa powder, etc.) to color, the color will become shallower as the time 4. If you do not use the product immediately after you buy it home, it is recommended to remove the outsourcing device in a ventilated, dry environment or a moisture-proof box.


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