[Spot] popular old book recommended // Victoria GOODS classic illustration vintage old book

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This is a book that introduces the Victorian period of the 19th century, and is a thick book published in the past for the exquisite hand-painted manuscripts. The collection of classic objects from the 1837 to 1901s period is hand-painted. The content is v


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[Spot] popular old book recommended // Victoria GOODS classic illustration vintage old book


"Victoria GOODS Classics" vintage old book Size: length 31 width 23.5 thickness 2.5 cm, about 300 pages (A large one is very heavy and has a good texture) https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a00.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a01.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a04.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a05.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a06.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a07.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a08.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a09.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a10.jpg This is a book book introducing the 19th century Victorian period. A heavy book published in the past for exquisite hand-drawn manuscripts for modern times Although it is not an antique book, it belongs to a vintage book. But every page is very exciting and delicate The content is very complete, hundreds of thousands of items, Almost all of them are included in the food and clothing industry. Collection of classic objects from 1837 to 1901s, using hand-drawn graphics The whole book is very heavy, there should be more than 300 pages, and each page has graphics. 【 Please note】 ✓ This is a second-hand book that will have normal usage marks: for example, creases, mottled small stains, worn edges of the book case, and the page may have handwriting. ✓ This is a second-hand book, not a new book (we are an antique shop) ✓ The overall item is well preserved! ✓ The scenes are all shot with natural light, and the actual items will be slightly darker. Please understand before ordering. https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a02.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a03.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a11.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a12.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a13.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a14.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a15.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a16.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a17.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a18.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a19.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a20.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a21.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a22.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a23.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a24.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a25.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a26.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a27.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a28.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a29.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a30.jpg https://smilelife.tw/imgs/pro/2019_0104_a31.jpg ______________________________________ **// Package delivery in China, Hong Kong and Macau //** **It is recommended to use "pinkoi international transshipment" to send.** **It will be faster, more convenient and cheaper!** International Transit Use Process↓↓ https://pinkoi.zendesk.com/hc/zh-tw/articles/115003840213-%E5%9C%8B%E9%9A%9B%E8%BD%89%E9%81%8B%E4%BD%BF%E7%94%A8%E6%B5%81%E7%A8%8B ______________________________________ **/ Note before purchase /** Every old antique is our own hard work from home and abroad. The charm of antiques and old objects, stacked over time, The beautiful nicks left by the vicissitudes of the past century. These are the characteristics of old things, please do not treat them as "new" standards. __Also because old antiques are not new and fragile,__ __Therefore, please do not provide us with a return service.__ __Buyers who are pursuing perfect new products are advised to consider carefully and purchase.__


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