[Near] Amber Natural White Nectar Amber Turquoise Shell Bracelet Bracelet

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Natural White Nectar Bead Green Stone Carved Shell Bracelet



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[Near] Amber Natural White Nectar Amber Turquoise Shell Bracelet Bracelet


**near** It's the closest, easily owned, but often forgotten by me! Nowadays! Today is the youngest day of the rest of my life! Don't forget! **Production process** Natural amber white nectar is selected as the main material of the bracelet. Natural amber white nectar has no impurities, no cracks and no optimization. The beads are light in color and rubbed with hands will have a faint amber fragrance. Each bead has a natural flowing pattern, delicate and rich, unique !! With natural Jinper beads, with high porcelain high blue turquoise carved shell pendant, the shell means auspicious and beautiful, cute and chic! The overall tone of the bracelet is fresh and beautiful, the shape is chic and cute, it means auspicious, and the quality is good! Don't miss it like it! **Standard sizes** White nectar beads: 8.5 mm Kimper ball: 7.5mm Turquoise shell: 10 x 7 x 4 mm 14k small gold beads: 2 mm **Efficacy and role of amber** 1. Good for the skin. Wearing amber for a long time can treat skin diseases and promote wound healing. It can also protect against radiation and aging, making the complexion better. 2. Good for throat. Wearing amber necklaces for a long time can improve sore throat and reduce asthma. Covered in the mouth can also reduce stomatitis. 3. Help your child grow. Children with amber can help grow teeth and reduce pain. It can also protect the child from evil and keep quiet, reducing crying. 4. Soothing effect. Make people optimistic, cheerful, positive. Taking amber for a long time makes people quiet and comfortable, reduces tension and fear, and becomes optimistic. 5. Can promote blood circulation. With the shaking of amber bracelets and bracelets, you can massage the acupuncture points on the wrist, which will help blood flow and metabolism. 6. Good for the heart. Wearing an amber pendant can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and stabilize the mood for a bad heart or high blood pressure. 7. Enhance body immunity. Amber contains various mineral elements such as iron, manganese, and zinc. Amber jewelry penetrates into the human body through friction with the human body, supplements trace elements required by the human body, and improves immunity. 8. With health effects. Amber is the spirit of all things, which can balance yin and yang, and heal illness and longevity. The health mechanism of amber has been confirmed by modern medicine. **Amber conservation** 1. Amber is a natural organic gemstone. It will be severely dehydrated under high temperature for a long time, and excessive drying will cause cracks. Therefore, it cannot be placed in the sun or near a fire source for a long time. At the same time, pay attention to places with high temperature differences, such as saunas and hot springs. 2. Although Hyper, which we picked up from the sea, is in weakly alkaline seawater all year round, amber itself is still afraid of strong acids and alkalis. 3. As an organic gem, amber is naturally soluble in organic solvents. The organic solvents you will come into contact with in life are alcohol, gasoline, nail polish, perfume, hair spray, etc. For friends who like to wear perfume or hair spray, they should wear amber after makeup! 4, the hardness of amber is low, so for some beautiful women when storing amber jewelry, do not put it with high hardness jewelry such as diamonds to prevent accidental injury to amber! 6. Do not use ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines to clean amber, it may shatter amber. Playing with clean cotton soft cloth plate can also achieve the role of cleaning beads! 7, the human body oil is the best nourishment of amber, long-term wear can make amber the more bright.


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