Kyanite Earrings - Expression ∣ Kyanite Studs - Expression (#3)

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❖❖ The goods are produced by the American design team and transported back to Taiwan. High quality natural kyanite + high quality 925 sterling silver 鉴 Full refund of the 鉴 ❖❖ single order, the total amount of NT$3,000 or more is given to "Astrology C


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Kyanite Earrings - Expression ∣ Kyanite Studs - Expression (#3)


✰✰✰**Opening Offer**✰✰✰ For a single order, the total amount of NT$3,000 or more will be given to "Astrology Consulting". For each astrology program, please refer to [Design Gallery Announcement] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ❖**Product introduction**❖ The natural kyanite belongs to the ore which is composed of multiple layers in the crystal. Therefore, the texture, color and depth of the two earrings are different, and the natural ore is beautiful in its nature and unique. Because of the haircut, this kind of ore is very difficult to make into jewelry, especially the delicate little things like earrings. This jewel transparency and blue luster are very charming. It is a simple, temperament and personality. . It is highly recommended that you read the following "Gemstone Star Whisper" to learn about kyanite. **size**❖ 8 x 6 mm **Material**❖ Premium natural kyanite + high quality 925 sterling silver **Natural gemstones generally have natural ice cracks, stone patterns (clouds) or ribbons, and may have mineral symbiosis and inclusions. This is also the reason why natural gemstones are precious. I hope you can enjoy the unique existence of gemstones. beautiful. If you like or pursue perfection, natural gemstones may not be suitable for you. Think twice before you place an order.** **Origin**❖ United States (made by the US design team) **Gem's starry whisper**❖ Kyanite is also called the hard stone, corresponding to the wind elements (gemini, scales, water bottles) and water elements (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), both of which represent flow, transmission, and communication in astrology. Plus blue corresponds to the throat wheel (self-expression), so kyanite can give the wearer strong support in communication and thinking, it can absorb people's negative energy and bring it to their positive frequency. Imagine how many times we have experienced from small to large. Under the emotions, prejudice or pressure, we can't tell the true thoughts. If we have experienced it for a long time, we have accepted those who have resisted inside and then rejected the true heart. Desire, the compromise you think, is not the gratitude of the other party. When the inner thoughts are not correctly transmitted, the relationship between people and me will deteriorate. If you are not you, the other party will not be the real one. Kyanite can heal all obstacles and difficulties in communication, expression, transmission and communication. It is good at cleaning up the negative inertia patterns that are fixed at our level of consciousness and thought. When we have the opportunity to change our way of thinking and speaking, You will be able to re-establish new connections and consensus with important people (including yourself) and establish correct interpersonal relationships in accordance with your true free will. Kyanite time: ::: Want to cut off attachment and bondage ::: I want to calm and stabilize my conscious mind (helping to develop super spiritual power) ::: Add inspiration ::: Increase contacts ::: Increased self-confidence ::: Need good communication skills (eg important meetings or occasions) ::: When encountering setbacks or being unable to think calmly **The Starry Whisper of Gems was written by Summer :)** **Starry Commitment**❖ The goods are Natural natural products, non-synthetic products, similar stones and imitations,**full refund of the fakes**.


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