Revolution Waist Trim - Black / Complexion / Rose Red

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Revolution-REMODELING Micro-finish pants | Italian high-tech imported fabrics long-term revolutionary wear-style slimmin



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Revolution Waist Trim - Black / Complexion / Rose Red


Feeling Ageing Technology Awakens Skin Cycle Force
Modern women live long-term sedentary / standing work for a long time, due to prolonged maintenance of the same action caused by poor metabolism in the body and accumulated excessive moisture and waste, so that the thigh swelling, and even produce orange peel phenomenon, to improve this problem, in addition to weekly fixed Sports must also be combined with massages and money to buy skin care products in order to promote blood circulation to achieve results. But how long does it take, how many cans of skin care products can achieve results, and how much spirit can continue to support this perseverance after a day of work?
Put on micro-cut pants to keep pace with your life, and during the busy 8 hours, the massage will relieve and maintain the muscle elasticity effect. The skin will be smooth and smooth like a new one. After hand-washing for 100 hours, the microcapsule composition is about 15%, which can be worn for up to 16 years.

Our selection of Nurel microcapsule fibers in Revolutional-Slim can effectively increase calorie metabolism. Using patented high-tech polymerization technology, it will contain essential ingredients such as caffeine, vitamin A, vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter... The micro-encapsulation is polymerized into each fiber, and the microencapsulated fibers are spun into yarns, which are then woven into high-tech microfabricated fabrics. Special results achieved and approved by the European Bio Basic Europe-Institutional Clinical Safety Effective Test. Get rid of the concept of heavy body-building clothes in the past and can increase calorie consumption during weekday activities.

It is lighter than feathers, fine texture, no traces of breathable, comfortable, instant quick-drying, anti-pilling, anti-ultraviolet (UPF50+), ordinary walking can stimulate the skin microcirculation, help calorie consumption and burn fat, smoothen the skin orange peel phenomenon Exactly wearing slimming care products.

Effective results obtained by human clinical safety and effective testing
The following data were tested by the European-based Bio Basic Europe Institute and the University of Italy, Bervia: Test conditions: 8 hours per day for 8 weeks

product testing
Revolutional-Slim fabric pass
OEKO-TEX® | OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Harmful
The highest level of material detection Class1

 After machine wash for 100 hours, the microcapsule composition is about 15%
 It is recommended to wash by hand to increase the durability of the product

Instructions for use and washing
1. Cold water below 30 degrees C - Hand wash, if you want to get the best cleaning effect, you can reverse the clothes and wash them independently.
2. Use neutral lotion or special detergent for sports clothes (do not use cold wash essence, soft essence, concentrated and powerful detergent powder, etc.). The machine must be dehydrated with a laundry bag and normal dehydration procedures should be used.
3. After dehydration, flat dry, avoid exposure to strong sunlight, and keep away from chemical products such as mothballs and moisture-proof agents.
4. Printing and thermal transfer products, it is recommended to reverse and independent cleaning.
5. This product has anti-pilling ball and anti-UV function, but due to the fabric structure of quick-drying fabric, it is relatively normal that it is easy to catch the yarn or cause some hair bulbs due to yarn hooking.
6. Do not dry and iron.


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