Map of Taiwan-Exclusive custom map of Taiwan (cloth). Quartz Powder (Customized Gift)

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Customize your name and start recording your own Taiwan footprint! Where have you been? Where do you want to go? Mark all!



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Map of Taiwan-Exclusive custom map of Taiwan (cloth). Quartz Powder (Customized Gift)


📣__**If you need to receive it by the year before: The order is placed on 1/12 (inclusive) and the payer is expected to ship it by 1/20. For orders after 1/12, we will start shipping 1/30 after the annual holiday.**__ Remote areas and other details: [Product Features] 1. Customizable Name ➤ Your Name Your Journey! 2. Comes with a special crystal magnet landmark buckle (to choose from three series of bright color / macaron / minimalist, a group of 15) ➤ Strong magnet and special inlay design firmly fixed 👉Can be purchased from the top menu (Crystal magnet landmark buckle); also can be purchased from the link below Aircraft Magnet: 3. Easy to hang in a minute ➤ Comes with a set of (2) 3M transparent non-marking hooks, which can be easily hung without other tools 4. High-quality micro-elastic cloth + local master fine turning ➤ High-quality elastic fabric, hand-stitched by local masters, fine and textured; Adopting the sublimation transfer technology introduced in Japan, machine washable, bright and saturated colors will not fade [Three colors to choose from] * This product page is a quartz powder ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY store, there are three colors to choose from BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK 👉 Peak Blue 👉 [Product size Sizing Information] [Must read before ordering! Taiwan Map Customized Text Specifications and Suggestions] ➤ Taiwan map English / Chinese font design is as follows: Please note the English / Chinese uppercase name you wish to order when placing your order Please note that the custom content you fill in must be**"Complete Custom Content"**, for example: If you want to customize the JERRY'S TAIWAN MAP, please be sure to complete it: JERRY'S TAIWAN MAP to the form, please "don't" "JERRY". We will give priority to the completed order. If it is not completed, we need to confirm with you separately, which will delay the progress of shipment. **__be sure to check the content again after writing, we will print it according to the content you filled in. Once the product enters the manufacturing process, we will not be able to modify or return the goods for you.__** ►Detailed description: ✔︎ Customized text are in uppercase English letters or Chinese ✔︎Number of characters: Taiwan map is**30 English letters or 10 Chinese characters**(The English part contains TAIWAN MAP and punctuation marks, spaces are not counted, because Taiwan map is straight, narrow left and right, so it is recommended The more concise the text, the better it will look!) You can choose to customize your name + TAIWAN MAP (YOUR NAME'S TAIWAN MAP), or any text and sentence you want to customize, such as my home's Taiwan map. ►Other instructions: ✔︎The custom proposal for two people can use "&" instead of AND (the presentation is more concise and good-looking) such as: "JERRY & IVY'S TAIWAN MAP" ✔︎The English name ends with S. In terms of correct English grammar, it is recommended that you do n’t need to add “S”, just leave it alone, such as: “IRIS 'TAIWAN MAP” ✔︎ can add symbols as follows: , Comma /. English period / _ underline /-horizontal line / 'possessive /: colon /; semicolon / & and /… dot / /' 'single quote / "" double quote / * m character / ❤︎ heart ( (White solid) / ~ tilde /? Question mark /! Exclamation mark /% percent sign / $ dollar sign / £ pound sign / () brackets / [] brackets * Please note that due to frequent typographical errors and making the overall ordering process faster, we will adjust the ordering content ourselves in the following situations, and we will not confirm with you separately. If you have special needs, please note on the shopping cart page Column description: 1. There is no space between your customized text and symbols, such as: "JERRY & IVY'S TAIWAN MAP", we will directly adjust to: "JERRY & IVY'S TAIWAN MAP". If you do not need a space here, please note in the shopping cart Note in the column, such as: JERRY & IVY No spaces are required in the middle 2. The punctuation marks are obviously wrong. For example: "JERRYˋS TAIWAN MAP", we will directly adjust it to: "JERRY'S TAIWAN MAP". If you are sure that there are different punctuation marks, please indicate in the remarks column of the shopping cart. ➤➤ Please note: M and L size place names are displayed as "Traditional Chinese + English", S size is only "Traditional Chinese", please purchase as required [Description of production time of customized goods] ➤➤Remind you, because our products are customized one by one, so it takes about 7-10 working days (excluding holidays) to be completed after the order / payment confirmation. If you have any special time requirements, please pay attention! Here is a brief explanation of why such working hours are needed: Taking the world map as an example, during the entire production process, it is completed by 7-10 professionals. From the very beginning to confirm the information, adjust the drawing file, modify the design draft, proof proof, print, process sewing, etc., we need about 12 procedures to ensure the order quality of the product. This requires the cooperation of multiple professionals and a certain amount of time to complete, and the attention of each production staff to ensure the quality of the ordered products. As a brand that encourages creation and pursues high-quality products, we respect that every working colleague should have a reasonable number of working hours to complete the work at hand, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of giving everyone the best design products, not in Make an appointment in a hurry. So we sincerely ask everyone to pay special attention to the time required for ordering. If there is a specific demand time, please be sure to place an order in advance! We hold a grateful heart for every consumer, sincerely thank you for loving our products and giving us the opportunity to serve you. We will continue to improve our operation mode, and provide more good products and better and faster services to everyone in the future. Sincerely thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and grow. 【Note】 1. Due to the lighting conditions at the shooting site, the color of the photo is slightly different. The actual product color and lettering should be based on the picture on the white background (remove the back)! 2. Each wall mantle is cut by hand by a local teacher in Taiwan. Depending on the different trimming methods of each creation, there may be an error value of about 3-7cm. 3. This product is a "customized product" (that is, your exclusive customized message above the product), except for defective products, we do not provide return and exchange services. 4. SF Express SF Express is the delivery method for Hong Kong, Macau and inland China Remind you that if your location in Hong Kong is a "non-industrial area", SF will add a "non-industrial surcharge" of HK $ 30 when delivering the package. If it is in a remote area, it will add HK $ 50. Shunfeng Station / By the way, the self-pick up function saves shipping costs. Please refer to the official website of SF Express for detailed instructions and inquiries about non-business addresses / remote areas. [Origin / manufacturing method] Taiwan / 100% original and exclusive good works, and create them individually for you, not a large number of copies, making you unique [Taiwan unified invoice description] 1. Fully use the electronic invoice from now on. If you need to receive the electronic invoice, please fill in your email in the remarks field when you place the order. We will send the invoice within 7 days after shipment. 2. If you do not fill in your email account, we will also issue an invoice, but we will not be able to send it to you for retention. 3. If you need to compile, please also indicate the uniform number and email in the remarks column when you place the order. 4. Every two months, the invoice system (Green World) will automatically redeem the prizes. Taiwan winners will receive a mobile phone SMS notification. Please follow the SMS instructions to redeem the prizes. 5. After the notification, if the winners do not redeem the prizes in accordance with the time and method specified by the Ministry of Finance, they will be deemed to have given up, and UMade will not bear any responsibility.


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