Camel packet meat powder leather primary color

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Morocco's millennium ancient method is hand-tanned with natural dyes, with Salar tribal design elements. The camel bag family of motorcycle descent is suitable for traveling on the front, the size of a mobile phone passport, a light sense of nationalit


Camel Hump Atay

1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Camel packet meat powder leather primary color


**Moroccan handmade leather, bringing classic Moroccan totems to your daily wear** The work is tanned by hand-made natural dyes based on the millennium ancient method of North Africa and Moroccan tribal design elements. Every corner of the bag is full of surprising details. In addition to being durable, each opening of the bag is pleasing to the eye. The strap length can be adjusted, the height can be informed after purchase, and the strap length can be customized for you. Features of the Mozu Handbag: The shades of the same bag are similar but may vary. There may be a slight difference in the position of the embossed pattern. I love you as much as I love surprises and warmth. Moroccan handmade leather embossing __Please note before buying: Since Moroccan handmade bags are made by hand and brain, the color and totem of each bag are not the same, so each Mo bag is the only one in the world. You are like details control, we will care about the arrangement of these details, welcome to send us a private message, we can first send you fresh photos of Moroccan bags, and you can of course choose your favorite to take home.__ **About | Morocco Leather Moroccan** Morocco Morocco; Moroccan addition to Moroccans, specializing in leather with word means in__Morocco leather__is meticulous flexible Morocco Moroccan descent specialty animal leather. Because of its high-quality feel and saturated and delicate color, Europeans have used them to make ladies gloves and shoes since the 16th century, and they have also been used to make luxurious book covers, wallets, luggage, etc. Visually, it is usually saturated with red, blue, black, and green. The feel is excellent and soft but strong and durable. Adhere to not using the cheaper modern industrial tanning method, all leather parts of the Hump brand mint tea use the millennium traditional tanning technology, and they are not only touching the leather, but the historical and cultural essence. size Camel bag: width 16.5 height 12 thickness 4.8 ~ 5.2 cm note: -The leather will be hard just after it is received. After use, the Moroccan leather will gradually become soft and elastic, and the color may become slightly darker and the surface brighter. -The fresh Moroccan leather bag just received may have a strong "Moroccan taste". "Dehumidifying" can dilute the taste, or just let her go, and the smell will fade with use. -"No waterproof" Moroccan leather is dyed with natural dyes, non-scale industrial dyes, friction with water may discolor the leather, please be careful not to carry rain on rainy days! -"Leather Care" basically requires no special maintenance, just be careful to stay away from water. -Because the bags are all measured by the naked eyes of the uncles and aunts of Morocco, handmade, small size differences, small scratches caused by leather surface treatment or the birthmark of the leather itself, uneven coloring by hand knitting, and the sewing thread ends are not cut, All may find the handicraft differences and traces of the Hai Pai masters. Because of this, all bags are unique. Even the bags of the same style, you can find the details of the small differences! This is the designer's insistence, but also the unique story of Moroccan handmade leather bags.


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