【Group Buying!】TeaOne I Whole leaves teabag box(8 boxes/3g*12bags each box)

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TeaOne | Tea Taiwan สุดยอดฝีมือ
TeaOne | Tea Taiwan สุดยอดฝีมือ
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【Group Buying!】TeaOne I Whole leaves teabag box(8 boxes/3g*12bags each box)


🍃We will appreciate you to tell us what combination you prefer to get. Or TeaOne will set the order as **2 boxes each flavor**🍃 **|Have a cup of Tea whenever you want|** TeaOne offers “triangular tea bag”, which only contain whole-leaves tea. You may enjoy the fragrance and sweet taste from our tea during office hour, leisure time or with your friends. By an easily brewing process, you may see how our tea leaves stretch out. Tea can brew at least 4-5 times, according to personal preference. **|What is "Refined Tea"?|** The initially processed products of tea leaves that have undergone various levels of oxidation, rolling, or roasting is referred to as “RAW TEA”. Yet, due to the high moisture concentration of raw tea there often is an accompanying astringent taste and a discrepancy in quality. Drinking raw tea in this state has a greater impact on the body. TeaOne further processes the tea into a more “Refined Tea” through procedures such as sorting, roasting, and removing impurities. This improves the quality of the tea and prevents negative effects on the body through drinking raw tea. **|Guaranteed Quality|** ▸Insists on cooperating with certified tea farms. ▸Only select high quality tea leaves with no traces of harmful substances. ▸Master roasters with at least 20 years of experience oversee the refinement process. ▸Ecofriendly teabags are made from biodegradable PLA and won’t release harmful toxins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=q6-ilSMr5dY&feature=emb_logo ▸▸▸6x Speeds to see how tea leaves extended. (Note: Please warm up your mug before brewing your tea.) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49529126462_54377df66a_w.jpg **|TeaOne works with Taiwanese tea farmers, and incorporates premium Taiwanese tea leaves as a medium in promoting Taiwan’s culture and telling Taiwan’s story.|** 「Certified Tea Plantation」、「Premium Raw Tea Leaves」、「Cooperate with Local Farmers」 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49529126812_854e6ec5df_w.jpg **|Master roasters with at least 20 years of experience oversee the refinement process such as sorting, picking, roasting, and removing impurities to improves the quality of the tea and prevents negative effects on the body through drinking unrefined “Raw Tea”.|** 「Remove Impurities」、「No Bitter Tastes 」、「No Astringent Tastes」、「Improve Quality」、「Good for Health」、「Enhance Aroma」 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49528391308_43f91890b2_w.jpg **|TeaOne insists on choosing premium whole leaves tea in biodegradable PLA teabags, with no traces of harmful substances. 3 grams tea amount can ensure tea leaves to better extend in the teabags.|** 「Whole Leaves Triangular Teabags」、「Vacuum Pack with Nitrogen」、「Biodegradable PLA Teabags」 Noted: Please warm up your cup before brewing your tea. **|See what tea we get|** 【Soft and rounded in body with a mellow and smooth finish】 Type of Tea Tree|Four Season Tea Aroma|Fresh Fragrances of Wild Ginger Flower and Areca Flower Area of Origin|Nantou County, Sung Po Ling area Elevation|200~ 400m Harvesting Season|Spring/Winter Process|Lightly Roasted▲△△ Partially Oxidized▲△△ Contents|Semi-Spherical Whole Leaves Tea (Net Weight 3g*12 bags) Four Season Tea leaves can be harvested through all seasons with a high yield in quantity, hence the origin of its name. The tea leaves have a flowery fragrance; and Four Season Tea is fragrant and smooth in body, suitable for people that prefer a fresh and sweet tea. **【A full body with a light milky flavor】** **Type of Tea Tree|TTES #12 ** **Aroma|Delicate vegetal notes with a smooth milky character** **Area of Origin|Alishan area, Chiayi** **Elevation|1200~1600m** **Harvesting Season|Spring/Winter** **Process|Lightly Roasted▲△△ Partially Oxidized▲△△** **Contents|Semi-Spherical Whole Leaves Tea** (Net Weight 3g*12 bags) **Due to abundant sunlight and a drastic change in daytime and nighttime temperature, the tea leaves are a soft and tender jade color with hints of a milky fragrance. The tea itself is smooth with a prolonged finish, finding a lot of love with the female demographic.** **【A clear tea with a regal fragrance, invigorating taste with a lasting finish】** **Type of Tea Tree|Chin Shin Oolong / Soft Branch Oolong** **Aroma|Fermented Fruit with a Roasted Undertone ** **Area of Origin|Yong Long area, Dong Ding Mountain, Nantou** **Elevation|600~1000m** **Harvesting Season|Spring** **Process|Mild Roasting▲▲△ Partially Oxidized ▲▲△** **Contents|Semi-Spherical Whole Leaves Tea** (Net Weight 3g*12 bags) **Dong Ding Oolong Tea is a renown partially oxidized Taiwan tea. The tea gains its golden yellow color through oxidation and roasting of the tea leaves. With a substantial body, wonderful fragrance, and a concentrated taste of fruit and flowers, Dong Ding Oolong Tea is a perfect choice for sharing with friends over some good conversation. ** **【Malty body with a dry refreshing finish】** **Type of Tea Tree|Oolong** **Aroma|Sweet and Fruity** **Area of Origin|Wuhe Area, Ruisui, Hualian** **Elevation|150~300m** **Harvesting Season|Summer/Autumn** **Process|Lightly Roasted▲△△ Completely Oxidized▲▲▲** **Contents|Semi-Spherical Whole Leaves Tea** (Net Weight 3g*12 bags) **Black tea is the most widely consumed tea in the world. The tea is amber in color with fruity fragrances. At first sip, one can immediately taste the natural sweetness with a lasting finish. Suitable for consumption in the morning, afternoon, or in autumn and winter seasons.**


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Recommended for tea lovers to drink tea easily. Premium whole leaves tea refined by a high-grade Tea Refined Master.


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