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แก้ว เทียน/เชิงเทียน สีเทา - Haier | Tea Beach Natural Essential Oil Scented Candle | voyager


Comfortable and refreshing aroma of lemongrass tea🍹🍵🍋 **Haier|Calming Beach** 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆. Top notes: Sicilian lemon, Australian eucalyptus Heart Notes: Palmarosa, Coriander Seed, Cardamom Base Notes: Rosewood, Vetiver **Fragrance profile** Freshly squeezed juicy Sicilian lemons, With the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus herbs at the beginning; Followed by palmarosa, coriander seeds, Reconcile the mouth-watering taste like summer fruit tea. Rosewood aroma of rosewood at the end, blunts those smells you fear are too sour, The finishing touch enhances the overall fragrance and texture! It is just the right acidity, and has a pleasant herbal tea aroma, The smell after burning "Afternoon Tea Beach" has the aroma of orange yerba mate. **aroma story** On a sunny summer afternoon, The coconut trees swayed with the sea breeze and made rustling sounds. The refreshing herbal and fruit tea in hand, with its sweet and sour taste, makes the heat disappear completely. "Afternoon Tea Beach" wants to spice up the fragrance under such a scenery, We bring the refreshing feeling to our hearts through the aroma, Eucalyptus and Sicilian lemon essential oils, the protagonists of the fragrance, Brings a cool and fresh herbal and fruity aroma. The base notes of rosewood and vetiver stabilize the diffusion of the aroma, It also makes the fragrance more layered! After igniting, the prologue of the fragrance is opened instantly, As on a beach in a summer afternoon, Watching the beach washed by the white waves, the sand glistening, Lie on the beach chair and relax. https://i.ibb.co/gSGGvNk/Voyager-IG-03.jpg **Essential oil aroma introduction** Australian Eucalyptus Essential Oil +Fresh and comfortable herbal fragrance + Uplifts spirits and cools Sicilian Lemon Essential Oil +slightly sweet fresh lemon flavor + Clear mind and fresh air Coriander Seed Essential Oil + Has a light fruity, spicy and herbal aroma + Make the spirit, focus, increase appetite Rosewood Essential Oil + At the same time, it has a floral and woody aroma, which is quite charming + Helps relax and relieve depression **Size introduction** · 200ml (whiskey glass + bamboo lid) Suitable for 6-8 ping space, burning for about 40 hours Glass size: height 9 cm, bottom 7.5 cm · 100ml (travel lightweight aluminum can) Suitable for 3-4 ping space, burning for about 20 hours Aluminum can size: height 5 cm, bottom 6.3 cm https://i.ibb.co/YhYyT66/voyager.jpg **Voyager products use natural materials and are handcrafted** -The Wax is made of 100% vegetable American soybean Wax+ British coconut Wax - Natural plant essential oils - Cotton wick **Precautions** - The first time a brand new candle is lit, please burn it for at least two hours to allow the entire Wax surface to melt. Because soybean Wax has memory properties, in order to avoid burning out holes, the first lighting is very important! - This product can be diffused using a Wax melting lamp - Please trim the candle wick to about 0.5 cm every time you use it, so as not to cause the flame to be too long and the Wax to melt too quickly - Do not ignite unattended - The natural essential oils used in this product are still irritating to pregnant women and children under 2 years old and should be avoided.


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"Afternoon Tea Beach" natural essential oil scented candles, cool Sicilian lemon and Australian eucalyptus leaf essential oils instantly brighten up the dull space, smelling like fresh orange-scented yerba mate.


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