Lying cat squirrel 2 into the glass set

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Lying cat squirrel 2 into the glass set


After four months of repeated proofing Finally ~ at ~ birthday ~ birth ~ ✿ Lying cat squirrel 2 into the glass set ✿ Always think of glass It’s hard to find a manufacturer that can produce in small quantities Since the pattern color is controlled by the firing temperature It is difficult to achieve the desired color exactly at once Re-proofed 5 or 6 times during the period Because the amount is very small The manufacturer also refused to produce Several times begged and changed the manufacturer Finally, the most bumpy, most anticipated and satisfying product in history is born! Special customized cup shape The bottom rounded lines replace the bulky base Breakfast with milk to start a good mood! Except for cats who lie down and drink drinks How can there be no rare milk squirrel on the cup Whether it’s iced water, sparkling water, black tea, coffee or milk, it’s all the same cute ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ ✿ 350ml capacity Height 13cm Caliber 7cm Glass thickness 0.25cm ✿ 2 into a set (one for lying cat and one for squirrel), not for sale There are many sets of discounts, the more you buy, the more you save. Find friends and family to get together! ✿ The pattern on the cup is fired at high temperature, it is not easy to be scratched and peeled off, please use general dishwashing detergent and sponge to clean gently ✿ Heat-resistant 120 degrees, ice and hot are OK! ✿ Special use of strong kraft cardboard packaging to protect the glass, it is recommended to record before opening the package:) ✿Because it is safer to send fragile goods by mail, glass cups are temporarily not open for pickup 711~ If it is inconvenient to receive the mail at home or company school, you can fill in the address of the post office close to home and write "Deposit at the office for collection" Bring your ID card to the post office as soon as possible within five days Example: 10044 Taipei North Gate Post Office 901 Branch Depository Waiting ✷ Notes for goods✷ ✿ The dimensions of the products are all measured manually with actual products, and the error value is about 0.5-1cm Please refer to the product size, please do not imagine the size yourself ✿ Photos are displayed according to the actual shooting location, time, and different computer screens. There is inevitably a slight color difference between the photo and the actual product. If you have any doubts, please contact us or check the actual product at the consignment point. ✿ noii noii's products are all handmade/semi-handmade, and the uniqueness of each product is its cuteness. It is strongly recommended that perfectionists do not place an order. Thank you. If you have any questions, please message us. ✿ The product will be carefully checked before shipment, and the packaging process and the product will also be recorded and recorded throughout the entire process. If there is a problem with the received product, please "message" to let us know, and we will deal with it as soon as possible, thank you~:) ✿ Store over NT2000, give 8 types of noii noii limited pins (not for sale only) For detailed rules, please see


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✿ 350ml capacity Height 13cm Caliber 7cm Glass thickness 0.25cm ✿ Heat-resistant 120 degrees, ice and hot are OK!


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