[Delivery is available] Free card/safe delivery/succulent potted plant/ Cement pot/opening promotion housewarming

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[Delivery is available] Free card/safe delivery/succulent potted plant/ Cement pot/opening promotion housewarming


**Urgent orders can be shipped with you, please send a private message, thank you🙏** **The arrival date can be specified, please leave a message in the remarks when placing the order** Generally shipped, no specified date, sent within 5 working days **Animal decorations can be added, there are links below** **A detailed succulent care instruction will be attached to the shipment** ║Product Contents║ Hand-made Cement flowerpot, set of pots full of succulents, succulent care instructions, custom card (designed as a card on the pot) **Shipped with plants already assembled in pots** **The work will not be exactly the same as the photo, the succulent variety and color will be different** ║About the customized card→Congratulations on the potted plant card║ **When placing an order, leave a message on the card you want to write in the remarks** **No special remarks, no blank card will be included with the goods** The card area is about the size of a business card Customizable: ①Blank card insert (including aluminum wire, business card-type small card) ② Insert card + text (typing, not handwriting) __If you need a signature, please remember to write it__ Format reference: Wish Dream Cafe Opening Celebration Congratulations to Xiaomei ║ Basin description ║ Overall size: length 26 cm wide 12 cm high 12 cm Basin Material: Cement Pot Features: The material is breathable, especially suitable for planting succulents **The potted plants with decorative animals are also very cute.** When you can place an order for potted plants, place an order for small animals together https://www.pinkoi.com/product/biktHKSa https://www.pinkoi.com/product/XU6i9jau ║Plant description ║ **Detailed succulent care instructions are included with the shipment** ♡ I have been growing succulents for more than ten years, and the succulents are picked from various farms every week to ensure that the succulents are healthy, plump and beautiful. However, due to the season, the works will not be exactly the same as the photos, but each pot is carefully designed ║Pot packaging║ Perfect protective packaging that has been tested for many years, shipping is super safe. ║Shipping details║ ♡After the order is established, the general delivery time is within five days of working days ♡ Specify the date, please leave a message in the remarks. Urgent order please private message first ♡When you receive the product, you need to open the box immediately. The delivery method chooses 7-11 store to store, please pick up the goods quickly and open the box when you receive the notification SMS of the store arrival ♡ The company is inconvenient to receive the goods on the sixth day, you can place an order and leave a message in the remarks. If you want to delay the arrival time for other reasons, you can send a private message and we can cooperate here. ║Return and Exchange║ ♡After receiving the goods, if you have any questions, please take a photo and contact me as soon as possible, I will immediately help you deal with the replacement or give you a full refund. (Returns and exchanges are not accepted after seven days of the arrival of the product.) ║Other matters║ ♡If some leaves fall off during transportation, it is normal, please put the fallen leaves in a dry place, the leaves will sprout small buds and become a new succulent ♫♬ ♡ If there is a little loose soil, please compact the soil lightly with your fingers. ❙❙ 莳271HOUSE ❙❙ I'm Fay, originally an industrial designer. When I left the company 10 years ago, a colleague gave me a few succulent leaves, and I became obsessed with succulents. It was so healing. After that, I went to work in a Cement manufacturing company and conducted in-depth research on the application of Cement materials. Because I want to share my favorite succulents, I set up a studio in 2017 to design Cement flower pots, which are full of succulents. It is great to share with you the temperature of hand-made and the beauty of nature. ❤ ❙❙ Services❙❙ ✿ Mass customization Provide enterprises with a large number of customized products, which can design and mold special shapes, prepare specific colors of Cement, print logos, and design outer packaging. ✿ A small amount of gifts, small wedding items According to your budget, design a potted plant that the recipient will be happy ✿Congratulations to the succulent flower ceremony In addition to Pinkoi's products, unique succulent flower gifts can be designed according to your needs (This item is customized from 2500 yuan. The content can be selected from succulents, cacti, dried flowers, decorative dolls) ✿Course teaching There are no public courses at the moment, only open classes are open for classes, welcome to join the group later Easy and fun course suitable for beginners, children to grandpa and grandma can easily get started Cement flower pot making teaching ②Succulents group pot teaching


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Provide fast shipping service, urgent items can be private message. Free custom card, delivery can be directly gifted. A full set of succulent plant pots, with designer hand-made Cement flower pots, suitable for opening, promotion, housewarming, birthday gifts, storefronts, offices, and home placement are very fresh, replacing phalaenopsis and fortune tree pots. The delivery is accompanied by succulent care instructions, which can be planted by novices and beginners.


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