Splendid Style Dangle Gold plated Silver Diffuser Candy Earrings Glass Charm

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33 Mino x JOYSTONE
33 Mino x JOYSTONE
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Splendid Style Dangle Gold plated Silver Diffuser Candy Earrings Glass Charm


**Gold plated Silver Splendid Style Dangle Diffuser Earrings Blown Glass Charm Hook Piercing** *Colors Option - Pink, Purple, Yellow, Peacock Green* Options - 1 Set 2PCS, 1 Piece *JOYSTONE Diffuser Candy Earrings Collection* https://www.joystone.biz/_files/200001089-36fec37f84/Splendid-Dangle-Diffuser-Candy-Silver-Earrings-JOYSTONE-6-0.jpg https://farm1.staticflickr.com/847/29318259188_339dd76dd1_b.jpg https://www.joystone.biz/_files/200003177-2b5c02b5c3/Splendid-Dangle-Diffuser-Candy-Silver-Earrings-JOYSTONE-2.jpg This splendid style dangle candy diffuser earrings feature gold plated silver chain, with colorful diffuser 10mm blown glass candy color charm, length hanging 6cm, lightweight and stay in place. Shimmer and shine jewelry, timeless and trendy, chic art glass Jewelry. https://www.joystone.biz/_files/200003176-63b3063b33/Splendid-Dangle-Diffuser-Candy-Silver-Earrings-JOYSTONE.jpg This collection offers various colors option, such as Pink, Purple, Yellow and Peacock Green. Simply add your favorite essential oil onto the diffuser bead of this piece, as you go about your day, you will enjoy the aroma of your favorite essential oils. **How to use** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVf2UZkRWfo&list=PLvc5K-SUCB4tOSWBz31ed0h8IYT-Qrzpl *Apply a drop of your favorite essential oil to the diffuser bead. Allow to absorb. It will take a while. Wipe any access oil off the pendant and enjoy the benefits of your chosen essential oil. After the oil dripped onto the diffuser charm, allow you to diffuse essential oils wherever you go! Therefore, this collection of jewelry is based on the concept of diffuser blown glass, making scent and jewelry a perfect match.* Dashing Accessories for both leisure and formal Occasions, well-chosen Gift on Valentine, Graduation Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas etc. Unique gift to buy for yourself or your beloved. The stylish pieces are chosen to be comfortable to wear for day to day, for work place elegance. Timeless and trendy, help you show off your personal style. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/833/41379271830_42bbc9f49b_b.jpg https://www.joystone.biz/_files/200003175-1580d1580f/Spec-Splendid-Dangle-Diffuser-Candy-Silver-Earrings-JOYSTONE.jpg Product Name  Gold plated Silver Splendid Style Dangle Diffuser Candy Earrings Blown Glass Charm Hook Piercing (JOYSTONE Diffuser Earrings Collection) *Specification of Charm* Material  10mm Blown Glass Color  Pink, Purple, Yellow, Peacock Green *Hook Dangle Specification* Material of of Hook Piercing  Gold plated Silver Size (±2mm)   Length hanging - 6cm, includes blown glass bead: 10mm Designed in / Made in  Taiwan https://www.joystone.biz/_files/200003178-03eaf03eb2/Purple-Splendid-Dangle-Diffuser-Candy-Silver-Earrings-JOYSTONE-3.jpg Accessories   oil dropper x 1 (random style delivery) Standard Packaging   Options: 1 Set 2 PCS, 1 Piece / Lace Kraft Packaging Paper Bubble Wrap Bag Gift Wrapping   https://en.pinkoi.com/store/33mm?tag=%E5%8A%A0%E8%B3%BC%E7%A6%AE%E7%9B%92&i18n_tag=%E5%8A%A0%E8%B3%BC%E7%A6%AE%E7%9B%92 (Add-on Gift Wrap) https://farm1.staticflickr.com/924/29318441468_bb89d5a1c0_b.jpg 1. Do NOT wear them while in a sauna or other humid location, means that it may be worn. 2. Be careful not to pull your jewelry too hard when worn daily, to prevent the chain getting caught by clothing or other accessories. 3. After added oil onto the diffuser beads, too much oil on the chain can cause it to tarnish. Rinse the chain with water and dry it with a soft cloth to help slow tarnishing. 4. After not wearing them, always kept in a dry, airtight (sealed) box or bag. NOTES TO REMIND YOU 1.★Due to the nature of the computer display, the actual colors may look different. 2.Handmade liuli vial body, heated at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. A natural dent with dark/brown spots is created at the stage of finishing processing. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1827/29318441438_f3c42c99bf_b.jpg *Diffuser Candy Earrings Collection* https://en.pinkoi.com/product/y2Sgujez (Long Dangle) https://en.pinkoi.com/product/kf6GAmjd (Short Dangle) *https://en.pinkoi.com/product/syKajJcx?category=2 (Rose Garden Diffuser Earrings Collection)* *Double Beads Diffuser Jewelry* https://www.pinkoi.com/product/164mAa3Q (Lover Necklace) https://en.pinkoi.com/product/aFWcNyjz (Lover - Firefly Glow Necklace) https://en.pinkoi.com/product/fBaUQNhR (Double Beads Double Leather Bracelet) https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1763/29318441418_b887925432_b.jpg https://www.joystone.biz/_files/200003140-096670966a/Purple-Short-Dangle-Diffuser-Candy-Silver-Earrings-JOYSTONE-2.jpg This dangle candy diffuser earrings collection features 3 styles option, such as short dangle, long dangle and splendid style dangle, its length hanging 3.5cm, 5cm and 6cm, gold plated silver chain with colorful diffuser blown glass candy color charm, 4 colors option. Lightweight and stay in place. Shimmer and shine jewelry. These pieces are perfect for oils or perfume infusion. Simple add your favorite oil or perfume onto the diffuser bead of jewelry. As you go about your day, you will enjoy a rich aroma of your favorite essential oils https://farm1.staticflickr.com/840/29317692088_e222057b04_b.jpg https://en.pinkoi.com/store/33mm?tab=story (Brand Story)


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The splendid style dangling hook earrings with 4 colors option of glasses charm are chosen to be comfortable to wear.


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