chain. Love-Blue Chalcedony * Grape

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Echoes the blue of the night sky and the green of the grass Showing the beauty of tranquility in nature A faint green vinestone willow symbolizing spring Full of life Blue chalcedony with a touch of baby blue Like the color of the sky A kind of quiet beaut



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chain. Love-Blue Chalcedony * Grape


"Jewel energy" * Blue Chalcedony Natural quartz is divided into two categories. Ores that can see large crystals with the naked eye are called "crystals," and small aggregates of crystals that are invisible to the naked eye are called "chalcedony." Natural blue chalcedony is a touch of baby blue, like the color of the sky, and the quiet color is very beautiful. The blue chalcedony can reconcile the body and spirit, attracting relaxation and love. In addition to alleviating the pain of the body, blue chalcedony also has a calming effect and can treat insomnia and dreams. In addition, the chalcedony corresponds to the laryngeal chakra, which is responsible for communicating and expressing our creativity, so the chalcedony can enhance people's ability to communicate and coordinate. The ancient Romans believed that the blue chalcedony had the effect of eliminating evil spirits and avoiding some negative energy, so it was a good amulet for travelers * Grape Stone Grape stone is a very good gem of wealth. Prosperous fortune, good fortune, bring new hope and information for life, create new opportunities, and bring new opportunities to people who are dissatisfied with the status quo. The rapite lucky stone that can improve understanding has a pale green color like grapes, which is characterized by translucency and faint luster. Wearing rapite can let you learn to think clearly, calmly judge, and maintain a balance between rationality and sensitivity. The flood of modern times makes your thinking more confusing, and vinestone can guide you in choosing the most suitable path. "Material" 925 Sterling Silver * Sapphire * Grape Stone * Tianhe Stone * Kyanite "size" When placing an order, please provide the correct hand circumference, skin-free hand circumference without gaps for the designer to make (do not reserve the loose loose space yourself) If your hand circumference is a special size, please write to us to inquire. * This product is "order-to-order", the production period is about 3-7 production days, excluding holidays (handmade jewelry cannot accept urgent items, please forgive me) ❖Customization note❖ ❶Wrist size: please measure the actual wrist size, choose your wrist size when ordering (note: not the total length of the player's chain) ● Simple measurement method: Use the wire to make a circle around the wrist and measure the length of the wire. ● We will add 0.5-1.5 cm according to your hand circumference 👉Measurement of hand circumference👈 Just take the number around your wrist with a tape measure, don't deliberately tighten or relax! ❖Others❖ ● The color matching of the photo may vary depending on the computer screen. If you want to match the color with the photo, you can confirm the color number with the designer to prevent the difference from the imagination. ● Waterproof, but it is not recommended to wear a bath, bath scale will accelerate the wear of the bracelet ● If there is no special reason, special order products will not be returned. ● Please carefully measure the size of the wrist. If the size is not suitable due to the wrong amount, we still provide the replacement service, but you must pay the return shipping fee. ● If you have other urgent time requirements or other issues, you can write to us and discuss the order before placing an order! ● Natural stone will have more or less ice cracks, inconspicuous mineral shortages, slightly different bead sizes, etc. ● The photos will show the physical appearance as much as possible, and there will be some errors due to the different angles of the photos. Please accept the transaction again! ● The products can be modified and adjusted according to the buyer's needs, and the modification fee will be charged as appropriate. Please discuss with me for details. Because each person's computer monitor screen is different, some color differences can not be avoided in online shopping. It is not recommended to order if you cannot accept it. ● Hand-made products are entitled to free line change service once every six months (the postage will be borne by the buyer) ● Shipment time is within five working days after payment, excluding holidays, please contact us if you need urgently. ● Natural stone jewelry will also show signs of age depending on the wearing condition. For example, the surface of the beads may become more foggy, and it will be worn if it is not originally shiny. This is unavoidable. Wearing a bracelet made of pure silver and gold for a long time will also There are traces of abrasion and wear, so please try not to hit them when wearing jewelry.


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