Pottery workshop │ one type of kettle electric ceramic tea stove group (excluding wooden cabinet)

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After the needs of different times, fine-tuning and improved, classical and contemporary, the Tao Zuofang kettle has been a symbol of tea seats.



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Pottery workshop │ one type of kettle electric ceramic tea stove group (excluding wooden cabinet)


Product specifications Size / capacity / weight: (pot) L19.4 x 16.9 x 13.7 cm / 590g /1400cc (furnace seat) 21.3 x 22.3 x 10.1(h) cm / 1640g / voltage specification: 110V/60Hz ※If not used in Taiwan, please be sure to use a voltage converter Place of Origin: Taiwan Electric ceramic tea stove works concept: Since the 1980s, the pottery and the hearth of the pottery workshop have been in the needs of users, observing the social pulse, creating continuous improvement, and entering the home life from the teahouse, becoming a beautiful scenery of every era. From the past open flames to today's no fires, the pottery workshop electric pottery tea stove embraces the original intention, with the simple and fashionable outline of the old rock mud, coated with fine body and advanced black glass-ceramic panel, after more than three years of research and development improvement and testing, Solemnly listed, recommended to the old rain new knowledge of the love of delicate tea life. I hope that your daily taste and the boiling fire between the tea seats will remain warm and enthusiasm, and you will have the heart and rhythm of simple, safe and convenient operation in the new era. Special materials and process intentions for the exterior of the old rock mud pottery tea stove: 1. The old rock mud material combined with natural ore and clay is used. After more than ten years of research, it has been continuously tested and created, and it has been repeatedly oxidized, reduced and multi-fired. The green body presents a simple and ever-changing texture, and the kiln that produces the original, natural and fire patterns is accidentally distributed. 2. Tao Zuofang has a very mature professional technology and creative experience in the production of tea sets. Therefore, the works are practical, and can also be used for generations of trends and creative intentions to interpret diverse styles and styles, and become a beautiful scenery on the tea table and at home. 3. Electric ceramic tea stove old rock mud exterior is another challenge in the process. Because the raw materials are natural, even the uncontrollable temperature and dry humidity conditions have become one of the causes, and it is necessary to adjust the proportion of old rock clay pottery materials. Then, each control link is strictly controlled, so that the blank body is subjected to high-temperature firing, effectively overcoming the deformation problem, and exquisitely presenting a full atmosphere, detailed details and contours. 4. Because the outer shell needs to be closely combined with the different materials of the movement, it depends on the experience of the creators and craftsmen for more than 30 years of repairing, and invests a lot of time and energy to improve the tightness of the movement and the old rock mud shell. The user fully feels the texture of the work. 5. From the beginning of the creation of the old stone mud of the electric ceramic tea stove, the unsatisfactory results of each time have made us more active in creating intentions and enthusiasm, fine-tuning and improving, and the period is closer to the ideal state. I only hope that you have it. The old rock mud pottery tea stove is not only a convenient cooking water appliance for modern tea tables, but also a creative work that has undergone numerous tests and accumulated time. "Create each piece with artistic feelings, professional quality, and practical considerations." This is our original intention, our brand philosophy, and our persistence in presenting our works. Electric ceramic tea stove features: 1. Simple and practical: Taozufang classic kettle with exclusive design of electric ceramic tea stove, "no fire" tea seat boiling water is more convenient / safe, highlighting the simple aesthetic of the tea table. 2. Patented heat dissipation: The exterior of the stove is tightly covered with old rock mud. The design contains 18 holes of heat and is patented. The material is natural and rough. After high temperature kiln burning above 1250 degrees, the surface fire pattern is accidentally distributed among them. different. 3. Safe heating: Pass the 3C certification of China Quality Certification Center, BSMI certification and SGS inspection of the Standards Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, and the safety is guaranteed! (1) The electric ceramic tea stove adopts the principle of infrared heating to avoid the danger of electromagnetic wave radiation, fire source and carbon monoxide. (2) It can be uniformly heated for a long time, the temperature rises quickly and the temperature is high, and the cooking efficiency is improved. (3) Three-stage thermal control of the stove. The temperature rise is stable and can be adjusted according to the furnace temperature. The maximum temperature is about 600 degrees. 4. One-button intuition: It adopts black microcrystalline glass panel, which is suitable for a variety of high temperature resistant flat pots such as pottery, old rock mud and iron. Press the switch, and rotate the round knob to lift the fire. With the color and flashing status of the indicator light, you can easily and intuitively identify the firepower. The high-grade black glass-ceramic panel has a smooth and delicate texture, high temperature resistance, no discoloration, and easy to clean after use. 5. High efficiency and energy saving: It can heat evenly for a long time, heats up quickly and the temperature is high, and the cooking efficiency is improved. When shutting down and cooling, the residual temperature can still be used to maintain the boiling water temperature to achieve the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction. How to use: 1. There is a “beep” sound when the stove is energized, the switch and the firepower are turned. 2. Power-on and standby: When power is on, a blue light will flash once and there will be a “beep” sound. Standby state when plugged in and off. 3. Power on: Push the knob power switch. Press once to turn on the power and start heating. The preset red light is the maximum firepower. 4. In the power-on state, the three-stage firepower can be adjusted. Red light: big fire. Purple light: medium fire. Blue light: small fire. (1) To turn the firepower down, turn the knob counterclockwise. (2) If you want to increase the firepower, turn the knob clockwise. 5. Cool down, shut down: After using the temperature rise, press the button again to start the heat shutdown. At this point, the fan will continue to rotate for about 10 minutes, and the red and blue lights will alternately flash for about 20 minutes and then go out. Please confirm that the light is off and the furnace and panel are not hot, then clean or move. 6. Unplug the plug: When not in use for a long time, wait until the power is turned off, and press and hold the plug to remove it. Precautions: 1. The parts of the stove are built-in precision, and it is not suitable to be modified or repaired to avoid damage and danger. 2. The whole stove should be kept dry and clean before use. 3. Advanced black glass-ceramic panel: (1) Please keep the panel clean. If there is water stain on the bottom of the carrier, it should be wiped clean. (2) Avoid collision with hard objects or carrying hard and sharp vessels weighing more than 10 kg to avoid damage to the panel. (3) If the panel is found to be broken, immediately turn off the power to prevent electric shock. 4. When the panel is heated: (1) Remind the customer that the temperature of the furnace surface is high after use, please be careful. (2) In order to make the boiling water effect good, the pot with the bottom diameter equal to or smaller than the heating range of the panel should be used as much as possible and placed in the center of the panel. If the pot is relatively small, it should be noted that it is easy to heat the hands. (3) Keep away from fire, water and flammable materials when using. (4) Do not place the plastic container, aluminum foil paper or towel directly on the panel for heating. (5) When heating, avoid placing plastic products, wires and other non-cooked utensils within 10cm of the panel to avoid damage due to high temperature. (6) When heating, children should be prevented from approaching and touching the stove, or the panel should be looked at for a long time to ensure safety. (7) Do not dry all kinds of pots. And to avoid the temperature difference between the glass pot and the panel is too large, such as the cold pot placed on the high temperature panel, or the hot pot placed on the unheated panel, so as not to cause damage to the pot. (8) It is suitable for use in tea and tea baths for heating. It can not be used for long-term heating in kitchen cooking and heating. (9) Avoid placing cotton wadding around the area or heating the surface area of the water to prevent foreign matter from clogging or liquid from flowing into the body, resulting in danger. 5. If the condition of the stove is abnormal and the power cord or plug is damaged, it should be sent to a professional manufacturer or personnel for maintenance. Do not continue to use it. 6. Avoid using extension cords and external plugs to avoid danger. 7. The stove should be kept out of water or rinsed with water to avoid malfunction and accident. Cleaning and maintenance advice: 1. If the panel has stains or stains, it should be cleaned with a neutral detergent or a ceramic panel cleaner to prevent liquid from flowing into the body. After cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth. 2. If the holes in the electric ceramic tea stove are attached with dust or fines, use a cotton swab dipped in a mild neutral detergent to gently wipe. 3. When not in use, keep the body dry and store it in a box to avoid foreign matter entering the fault. 4. After long-term use of the electric ceramic tea stove panel, there may be yellowing, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the function. 5. The old rock mud material has good water absorption, and the color will be more round and bright after use. This is a normal phenomenon, let it dry naturally or wipe with a dry cloth.


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