Body heat / cold pack - panda shape

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leschi เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Body heat / cold pack - panda shape


* Insist on the strict selection of raw materials
* Feel soft and comfortable
* Texture and packaging gifts are suitable for personal use
* Use up to 45 minutes of warming effect

Product desciption:
Germany Leschi Risi fatigue fatigue / cold goggles, is the use of the German organic garden ears for the thermal body filler, with rapid heating, locking heat and the characteristics of steam; through the microwave 10-25 seconds to heat, you can immediately use Warm effect. Use, not only to increase convenience and the sustainability of thermal energy; the same time, heat bags can be repeated heating use, to save resources and contribute to environmental protection.

Product suitable for the object and the situation:
Regular use of computer and bow using cell phone / Busy, stressful / back aches / sleep disorders / Metabolic / Physical stiffness Fatigue / Female cycles / Post-exercise lactic acid accumulation / Winter warmth

1. Free boiled hot water, just 1-2 minutes microwave oven can be quickly heated.
(Because each microwave power and heating efficiency will be different, it is recommended for the first time low microwave 30 seconds from the test temperature sense, and then slightly adjusted to increase each heating time to find the most suitable temperature, to avoid scald.)
2. Because it is not easy to heat, so the insulation effect is quite good, coupled with the slow rate of heat release, compared to other heat-sensitive body filler, higher safety.
3. Because of the heat-sensitive body of plants from nature, ears, plant surface has many tiny holes, put the indoor environment, there will be a resurgence effect. When the microwave heating again, the moisture will be released by the microwave heating, will be able to tour to reach the effect of wet smoked heat.
4. After heating, emits the natural wheat spice, can relax the mood to achieve more stability and comfort.
5 to pick up comfortable and soft, full of happiness.
6. Can also be placed in the freezer refrigeration for cooling or cooling effect.
7. Can be constantly reused, cherish the resources, love our only earth.

1. Before use, please see the safety instructions.
2. Can not express meaning (such as: infant children, adult patients, etc.) and tactile insensitive patients, do not use, in order to avoid being unable to communicate and cause scalding accidents.
3. If the skin has a wound, do not use.
4 hot temperature slightly higher than the body temperature can be, not only does not mean the effect of high temperature, but there will be danger of scalding.
5. Heat packs are for assistive devices other than medical supplies. The above information is for general advice only. For people with special conditions, follow the physician / physiotherapist's special medical advice.
6. Hygienic considerations, it is recommended to place the microwave heat bag can be microwave clean dishes, crisper, fresh bags for heating.

Product Information:
Ingredients: Outer fabric 100% polyester; filler 100% organic field ears.
Size: 25 x 25 (cm), 620g
Production Country: EU Poland


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