Cross hair band (elastic hand) - Fang Li Cheng - light blue


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    ▲ ▲ cross hair band (elastic hand) - Fang Li Cheng - light blue ▲ ▲

    @ Japanese cloth. Simple to go out there.
    Good durability. Just beginning to use will be slightly tight normal Oh!
    The cloth is thick and thick. Always use a small kite bunched bag.

    @ First dye cloth:
    The cotton yarn with the first dyeing of the color.
    It will weave a very special or three-dimensional fabric, called the first dye cloth.
    The weaving is very detailed for the special work

    **(If you can not have all the people at home and so on the package. Strongly recommend: choose the whole store to shop. Code payment)*
    **(Post office can not select date / time period - depending on post office route)*

    @ Long hair / short hair / Baotou can be.

    @ Wash the way: hand wash is better. Or into the laundry bag.

    @ Product size about: 8 cm wide.
    General size (for adults around 53 to 56 cm) - small kite head circumference 55.5 cm
    Extended size (for adults 56.5 to 58 cm)
    * Please be sure to confirm if you are lengthened. * We can not retreat.
    * Actual head circumference of the amount of method: such as the location of the photo wearing. Wai around the top of a circle with the tape / line spread out the amount of cm.
    * Girls Average: 54 cm (for reference)

    The position of the picture: the position of the picture.

    ▲ ▲ high standard perfectionist do not place a single kite goods are 100% hand
    This is the hand for non - factory manufacturing.
    Does not affect the wear and appearance of the perfectionist trouble left to hand creators a way out.
    (Please do not order - please.
    It is strongly recommended that you can purchase from a premium department store.

    @ The number of units -1. Price 280 yuan

    @ Before ordering - if you have any questions. Please click on the contact designer asked! Thank you!

    @ The same reply to the order problem: 8 pm to 10 pm Oh.

    @ How much of the computer color will be wrong. Commodity according to the actual goods shall prevail.

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
    ▲ ▲ freight (post office):
    * Saturday. Sunday most post office rest - small kite Saturday. Sunday is unable to send goods.
    * General packet registration - post office -**((can not specify the time to send))**.
    * Will be received about 2-4 days after delivery - subject to the post office - please note that
    * Post office delivery - if no one receives the parcel - to ask the buyer to carry the identity card and seal to the post office to receive the package.
    * If you are not at home or inconvenient to send a package at home - a small kite will recommend buyers choose the family super merchant (shop to shop to pick up).

    ▲ ▲ freight (family super-shop - shop):
    * 2 days after the date of delivery will be sent to the designated super merchant. (Not included - super business is not 24 hours of business - to wait for a long time)
    * Please send a copy of the notice - please the buyer (I) to carry the identity card and inform the super merchant your name.
    Please be sure to collect the goods within 6 days.
    * If the parcel has not been taken for the time, the Superman will return the goods to the kite.
    Buyers to "and then" pay the second freight 60 yuan.
    (Such as going abroad or travel and other factors - just missed the time to take 6 days.
    Please leave a message to inform the little kite - will postpone the goods to postpone)
    ▲ shop to shop to pick up - that has been paid - go to super merchandise)
    **() () () () () () () () () () () () () ()**

    Shipping to Hong Kong. Macau. Mainland China.
    Please choose Pinkoi International Transfer Center (do not choose to mail. Mail is Taiwan Island)
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

    ▲ ▲ Origin / Manufacturing:
    Taiwan MIT / small kite handmade system

    ▲ ▲ delay has not received the most recent package:
    1. family / management room building / neighborhood has signed on behalf of.
    The school has been sealed and closed in the letter warehouse.
    3. remote mountain. Taitung. Penghu. Matsu. Golden Gate. (Need more and more 4-6 days)
    (Little kite than you are more worried about the package did not let you receive)

    ▲ ▲ After receiving the goods:
    Such as the goods for the wrong color. Shipping process serious damage. Please tell the little kite. Will find a way to deal with.
    If you do not have any communication directly to the negative assessment. Small kite will cry (; _;
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Cross hair band (elastic hand) - Fang Li Cheng - light blue

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