Rose Classic Unbeaten Red Rose Bouquet Proposal Bouquet Flowers—Delivery to Shuangbei Area Only

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Rose Classic Unbeaten Red Rose Bouquet Proposal Bouquet Flowers—Delivery to Shuangbei Area Only


/ **Flowers products only provide home delivery service, because they need to be refrigerated and delivered at low temperature, the shipping cost is slightly higher, please forgive me.** **Shuangbei area can provide free shipping face-to-face service, welcome private inquiry.** **After placing the order, please be sure to provide the desired pick-up date in the remarks column** / Passionate and romantic bouquet of red roses, Always an unbeaten choice for confession and marriage proposal! With fresh leaves and matching flowers, Bouquets of red roses can also present an elegant and not tacky texture! |Number of Roses and Flower Language| 12 stalks: Love each other 20 stalks: the love will never change 36 stalks: I only belong to you 99 flowers: forever / ▼Product description 1. Dimensions 12 flowers: about 20 x 30 cm in diameter 20 flowers: about 25 x 35 cm in diameter 36 flowers: about 35 x 45 cm in diameter 99 flowers: Approximately 55 x 60 cm in diameter 2. Flower material: red rose 3. Storage period: The best viewing period is about 3 to 5 days, depending on the storage conditions. (Please see the following care instructions) 4. The purchase of a bouquet comes with a "special bag for bouquets", which is easy and convenient to pick up, saving you the embarrassment of walking on the road holding the bouquet. 5. Provide a blank small card, if you need card writing service, please explain in the remarks, or communicate with the designer first. ▼What you need to know before buying 1. The product is made by order,**Please discuss the pick-up time with the designer before placing the order!**order to take into account the longer stocking period of fresh flowers,**Please be sure to place an order 7 days before you want to pick up the goods**. If there is an urgent need, please chat with the designer in advance. 2. The color of the actual product will inevitably be different from the color of the computer screen with a slight drop. The actual color will be based on the actual product. 3. When some of the flowers are in short supply due to seasonal factors, designers will use flowers of similar appearance and color instead, but it will not affect the style and beauty of the product. 4. floral, plant, both with life, its growth is not the same attitude, we**can not be made "with exactly the same picture."**design, but we can guarantee the quality of the actual product will not inferior picture. If you have any doubts in this regard, please do not place an order, thank you. ▼How to take care of raw flowers 1. Raw flowers like to live in a ventilated and cool indoor space. The sultry heat will make the flowers feel dull and dejected. It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and hot and humid environments. It is the best choice to put it in an air-conditioned room when the temperature is high in summer. 2. Daily replacement of fresh and clean water for the flowers can maintain a longer life of the flowers. The water can be added with a special nutrient, alum or a small amount of bleach to inhibit the growth of bacteria. 3. When changing the water, you can trim the bevel (about 45 degrees) of the flower branches at the same time to enhance the water absorption of the flowers. Finally, I want to remind everyone that the above-mentioned care methods can only extend the viewing period of raw flowers as much as possible, and the life span of raw flowers is still relatively short. But it is only because of finiteness that it becomes more precious. What we can do is to preserve the most beautiful moment of its life for plants, watch its posture changes with the passage of time every day, and appreciate it calmly, and let them bloom meaningfully to wither.


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The passionate and romantic red rose bouquets are always the unbeaten choice for confession and marriage proposal! Let us assist your god of love!


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