[DIY DIY for children] Paper airplane launcher - suitable for 6 years old and above with principle teaching video and tools

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Fun-Maker design
Fun-Maker design
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[DIY DIY for children] Paper airplane launcher - suitable for 6 years old and above with principle teaching video and tools


Do you have a child in your family who loves origami airplanes? The paper airplane launcher is a magical magic that makes paper airplanes fly higher and farther! Paper airplanes that can adapt to various folding methods are not only fun, but also allow children to learn scientific principles while doing it. During the epidemic prevention period, I am afraid that my children will be bored at home. The paper airplane launcher is the best toy to relieve boredom. It takes a lot of energy for children just to make handmade, constantly fold planes, launch paper planes or play who can fly far. XD |Learning Box Online Course| It is taught by professional online courses + Learning Box = Online knowledge learning + offline hands-on practice It is not only an interesting handmade toy for children to relieve their boredom at home, but also allows children to cultivate a learning method of learning by doing. **Cute illustration design packaging, let the children put it down, it is also very suitable for gifts** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51221223969_fb7bd7b018_b.jpg **Comes with a complete set of wooden hand-made tools, so that children can learn to use tools safely** **It is recommended to keep the exquisite carton as a habit to cultivate children's learning storage tools.** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51220457116_40cf6fefed_b.jpg **The designer of the paper airplane launcher teaches the lessons by himself, so that the children not only do it by hand, but also learn the knowledge** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51221254239_e1a4c0b370_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51220487846_538eeef2b8_b.jpg |Experience event description| 1. This is an online experience event, you can buy it no matter where you are~ 2. There is no limit to the number of viewing times and time and place for teaching videos. You can make them according to your convenient time and space. 3. After receiving the Learning Box, if you have any questions when you make it, you can scan the exchange card on the Line and contact the customer service assistant to ask. 4. The trial price includes the delivery fee for the Learning Box. |Learning Box Shipping Process| 1. Since it takes 3 working days for material production and parts prefabrication, please select the "expected date to receive the DIY material package" in "Please select the event specification" when placing an order. Due to the uncertainty of the recent epidemic Due to the influence of factors, the time of receipt is still based on the actual logistics arrangement. 2. This is an online experience activity. The Learning Boxr will be sent to the preset recipient address. You do not need to attend the event. Please confirm that the recipient address and phone number are correct. 3. The Learning Box will be sent by the post office. 4. Precautions for return and exchange: After unpacking and assembling, the part cannot be returned or exchanged, please forgive me. (Except for product defect failure factors) |Paper Airplane Launcher Learning Box Contents| 1. Online Course Login Card 2. Paper Airplane Launcher Parts Set 3. Comes with a hand-made tool set (reusable for other hand-made) ・Gavel ・Wooden glue (the second generation of safe and non-toxic super glue imported from the United States) ・Wooden sandpaper ·Candle ・Origami airplane paper 4. Learning Box size: 30cm long x 22cm wide x 5.5cm high |Design information| ・Material: Wood ・Dimensions: Length 32.5cm x Width 15cm ・Designer: Designed by Fun-Maker, design by Mac Yu in 2015. ・**Design in Taiwan & Made in Taiwan.**


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Paper airplane launcher, the most popular STEAM hand-made toy for children. Children at home like to make things by hands and do things at home? Let the children make their favorite toys by themselves. At the same time, they can also learn scientific principles through online courses, learn knowledge online, and practice offline. Oh!!


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