In a blink of an eye l sterling silver crystal necklace l labradorite/strawberry crystal/citrine [gift recommendation]

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In a blink of an eye l sterling silver crystal necklace l labradorite/strawberry crystal/citrine [gift recommendation] - สร้อยคอ - คริสตัล สีเงิน

รายละเอียดสินค้า **One look at each other, an instant is eternity** **Turn the "Strawberry Crystal" to turn your luck** **Turn the "citrine" to attract wealth and luck** **Turn the "Labradorite" to turn your potential** ** ◉Round model: labradorite, citrine, strawberry crystal** **◉Flower style: labradorite, citrine** **"S925 sterling silver jewelry" is low-key and stylish. Whether it is the style, texture, clothing, or the shining luster in every gesture, it will make people admire it!** **"Crystal" has magical abilities. It can emit positive energy, but it can also accumulate negative energy!** **don’t worry! Recommended to you as a powerful helper for "crystal degaussing and purification".** **🔯Rose Rose Gold crystal degaussing box:** Design features: The Rose Gold tone blooms with a fashionable and warm light, shining like gold, but with a soft pink tone, presenting an extremely noble atmosphere. Stylish and Elegant: This shade is for those of you who are looking for a stylish look that exudes elegance and confidence. **🔯Silver crystal degaussing purification box:** Design features: Silver exudes a calm, technological impression, as if it has a pure and neat atmosphere. Elegant and luxurious: The silver appearance highlights luxury and elegance, suitable for you who pursue unique style and taste, adding a touch of luxury to your home life. **🔯Peruvian sacred wood strips** Peruvian sacred wood is known for its purifying power, which can demagnetize energy, purify the mind and space, clear negative energy, guide positive energy, and purify crystal bracelets to inject a touch of calm and peace into your life. **🎁If you have [Gift Giving Needs] or [Card Writing] service, please read the packaging style carefully and indicate it in the "Message to Designer" when ordering, or let us know via private message. thank you!** ──── • ──── ✾ ──── • ──── **︱Material Description︱** ◇ Labradorite 8~9mm ◇ Citrine 8~9mm ◇ Strawberry crystal 8~9mm ◇ Sterling silver jewelry ◇ 925 sterling silver chain ** ✫︱Strawberry Crystal︱✫** · Improve your luck, enhance your personal charm, and attract love · Enhance love relationships and attract beautiful marriages ** ✫︱Labradorite︱✫** · Gather financial resources · Excitation potential · Improve insights · Eliminate fatigue · Calm and calm · Soothing and soothing · Attract soul mate **✫︱Citrine︱✫** · Businessman’s Stone, mainly for partial wealth and accumulation of wealth · Helping interpersonal relationships in the workplace · Clear negative energy and calm emotions ───── • ───── ✾ ───── • ───── **☽-Purchase Notes-☾** ❥The length of the necklace is approximately at the collarbone, about 40~45cm long, and can be customized. ❥Each natural crystal ore is unique, with different colors and crystals. It is normal to have lint, ice cracks, mineral defects, and symbiotic minerals. If you insist on following the photo or are a perfectionist, please think twice before purchasing. ❥The colors displayed on each screen may have color differences. We will try our best to strictly control the color. If you insist on it being the same as the photo or you are a perfectionist, please think twice before purchasing. ───── • ───── ✾ ───── • ───── **☽-After-sales service-☾** ❥In order to maintain your rights and interests, please record the entire process of unpacking the product. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us within 7 days and keep the packaging intact. Except for damaged or defective goods, you must bear the return shipping costs for other returns and exchanges, and keep the packaging of the goods intact. ❥The product enjoys free line replacement and maintenance service. This service requires you to bear the return shipping fee. If you need to replace Stone or silver jewelry accessories, the fee will be quoted and charged based on the situation at that time. ───── • ───── ✾ ───── • ───── **☽-Packaging Instructions-☾** ❥In order to respond to the call for earth protection and environmental sustainability, we sincerely provide three different packaging styles. ❥Please choose according to the following "Packaging Style" and note the "Packaging Style" in the "Message to Designer", we will prepare it for you according to your wishes. **If there are no special remarks, it will be shipped in "standard packaging".** **☽-Packaging style and gifts-☾** ❥Eco-friendly packaging [Minimalism] PVC high-density transparent zipper bag "unified packaging of jewelry", crystal care instructions card, and silver jewelry products come with a free Silver-wiping cloth. There is no need for paper boxes, simple shipping method, and environmentally friendly design. ❥Standard packaging [simple and exquisite] PVC high-density transparent zipper bag, "one box for every four bracelets", crystal care instructions card, silver jewelry products come with a free Silver polishing cloth. The products are shipped in exquisite cartons, showing a simple and neat taste. ❥Classic packaging [first choice for gift giving] PVC high-density transparent zipper bag with "individual packaging of jewelry", crystal care instructions card, and silver jewelry products come with a free Silver-wiping cloth. Each piece of jewelry is individually packaged in a carton, and careful packaging is the first choice for gift giving. **◆If you want to purchase more than one piece of classic packaging, please choose "Super Store Shipping". Thanks!** **◆In case of festive events, all products will be shipped in event-limited packaging, adding a special surprise to your gift.** ───── • ───── ✾ ───── • ───── **☽-Exclusive gift card-☾** ❥Card writing: If you need us to write card content for you, please indicate "Ghostwriting content" in the "Message to Designer" when placing an order, or let us know via private message. ❥Blank card: If you would like a blank card for your own writing, please indicate "blank card" in the "Message to Designer" when placing an order, or let us know via private message. ───── • ───── ✾ ───── • ───── **☽-Daily maintenance-☾** ❥Do not pull hard to avoid breakage or deformation of the necklace. It is recommended to remove jewelry when bathing, soaking in hot springs, at the beach, swimming, etc. ❥Silver jewelry can be wiped with the included Silver wiping cloth. If you use Silver wiping lotion or Silver washing water by yourself, please be careful to avoid touching the Stone. Cleaning products are corrosive, so please do not overuse them. ❥The Silver wiping cloth contains maintenance ingredients, please do not wash it to avoid reducing the efficacy.


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In a blink of an eye【Sterling Silver Crystal Necklace Series】 The "Silver" is low-key and stylish, the "crystal" is dazzling, and the clavicle length is the most versatile, turning your round face into an oval face. Your beauty is determined by yourself.


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