Yinke printed fabric mask can replace the consumable version-100% linen

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ผ้าฝ้าย/ผ้าลินิน หน้ากาก หลากหลายสี - Yinke printed fabric mask can replace the consumable version-100% linen


After adjusting the version and wearing it for a period of time, a comfortable finished product is finally adjusted:) Each design is different. Due to the large order quantity, it is impossible to choose the cloth flowers one by one, so you can accept friends to buy again! You can also make a wish when placing an order, and will try to help you choose, such as "I want a dog" or "I want a little less pattern" and so on. Receipt is mainly based on actual shipments. Sanitary products cannot be returned or exchanged for everyone. Please pay attention before placing an order:) Due to the large number of orders, masks will be shipped within 7-15 days. No reminders are accepted. They work hard every day to make them. If they are in stock, they will be shipped immediately. ✿Material: 100% linen, yinke exclusively designed printed linen fabric made in Taiwan, which is washable and dry to the touch. ✿Fabric recommendations: Linen: It is more breathable when worn for a long time, and it is also ok for allergic skin Double-layer cotton: The fabric is fine but the fiber is finer. It may be boring for long-term wear. It is recommended to buy it for friends who need to wear it for a shorter time. The second photo below is flax on the left and double cotton on the right ✿Size: Adults and Girls: 17-18cmx12cm / Kids: 15x11cm (hand-cutting and elastic and breathable material, there may be a slight error of 0.5-1cm in the production) ✿ Version: The crease can be opened to fit the nose and cover the chin and cheeks. It is not heavy to wear, and there is an opening on the reverse side to put consumables. ✿ Elastic band: different from a thick rope commonly used in the market, it will be more comfortable to wear two thin ropes. If one is loose for a long time, there is another one that can be worn (When both of them are loose, it may be the time to replace them. Although cloth masks have a longer lifespan, they should be replaced regularly as anti-virus) ✿Washing: Wash by hand. After washing, you can return to the original shape with your hands. If the crease is flat, you can iron the crease again with an iron, and by the way, high temperature sterilization. ✿Special attention: The elastic band is two strings for adults and a single one for children. For girls with smaller faces, please grasp the tighter size and knot for the first time. The elastic band will become looser with time. ✿ Consumables: Please use non-woven material, gauze, wet paper towels (after drying) are better, you can reduce the size and put it in. You can also use toilet paper in low-risk situations, and remember to replace it. Update 4/27: Because the pink/pink blue elastic band of the first edition is used up, the elastic band of the second edition is sewn randomly. There may be two contrasting colors or different colors from the photo. There will be the following four types:) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49852816848_d21067c572_o.jpg Health and epidemic prevention together! :) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49620971003_15a6c6e9a9_o.jpg If you feel that the consumables are not easy to put in, you can also put it on the inner layer of the mask, and discard the lip balm or lip color! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49639609237_41b36c6165_b.jpg


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Use yinke printed fabric to make cloth masks that can replace consumables. The material is breathable and comfortable.


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