Differences in the specifications of the 羞 花 美 楊貴 姫 China Chinese history jewel crown 歩 釵 swaying classic Chinoiserie brooch flower cherry blossom cherry Kyoto opal 甚 three red artificial opal artificial opal red

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History romance that makes you think of the legendary princess


Heart Bouquet

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Differences in the specifications of the 羞 花 美 楊貴 姫 China Chinese history jewel crown 歩 釵 swaying classic Chinoiserie brooch flower cherry blossom cherry Kyoto opal 甚 three red artificial opal artificial opal red


Some specifications of "Rikahana Bijin" on this page are different from normal products. This is the second box. A rose glass crystal stone (Swarovski crystal) is added to the light rose color. The photo is the actual product. This is the only one point, so please take this opportunity if you like (It is expected that it will take some time to resell regular products.) For details on product information, please see the regular product page. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/p6xzEusK -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- This brooch is inspired by the beauty of Yukihi, the legendary “Beautiful Beauty” of the four legendary beauties and four beautiful Chinese beauty that have been handed down in Chinese history. Princess Ki was the queen of the Tang Gen Emperor. In addition to his beauty, he has an outstanding talent for music and dance, and is said to have received the emperor's love all together with many queens in the rear shrine. When she walked in the garden of the back shrine, the flowers were soaked by her beauty that she was deflated. . . The parable is the origin of “Rika”. All of her families were extremely prosperous, but eventually their cousins Yokokuchu and Anrozan began to violently oppose each other. And in the midst of the Ansan Mountain Rebellion (Anshin Rebellion), Rei Ki is driven to death in the form of being held responsible as the Clan Clan. It is suitable for the beauty among the top three beautiful women in the world, and is finished in shades of silver and pink gold as accents, with a focus on red and gold. In addition, we selected a variety of flower motifs this time because of the flower. A large and small metal flower with a Swarovski pearl placed in the center on an eye-catching bright red rose, and a Kyoto opal like a glaze with a wet luster in the center of a flower like a cherry blossom. It was. It also incorporates the motifs that appear in the white opera poetry “Nagauta Uta”, which enshrines Kiuki and Emperor Genshu. From the words of Emperor Xuan Zong and Princess Kiyo who vowed love, the parts that look like the feathers of a bird from the phrase “I want to make a bird with a wing if I ’m in the heavens” Added. The winged bird is a legendary bird with one eye and one wing for both males and females, and it is said that two birds always fly together. However. . . As you can see, the parts we have chosen this time are twisted and represent the love of the princess and the emperor who has been scattered without being able to continue to dance high. Also, the number of red coral beads “5” lowered on this part is a number reminiscent of “no” in China (because the pronunciation is close). From this feather part, the parts like petals were shaken down from "Wearing the rainy season," showing the appearance of Rei Kisaki's tears. Due to the material, the price of this product is different in the series. Please note. A silicon broach stopper is attached so that you can use it with peace of mind. The paper underneath the fifth photo is the size of a postcard. Please see other designs of the Chinese Kanzashi Brooch series. Shen Fish Beauty: https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/9dTAMW56?category=2 Okatsuki beauty: https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/qMY4cWU6?category=2 Closed Moon Beauty: https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/6hNFmC63?category=2 Takubun-kun: https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/ciHRcEJV?category=2 Kaori: https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/LayUbg9K?category=2 ◇ ◇ ◇ Due to the structure, the falling decoration may be tangled. If tangled, please loosen gently. There may be a small chip at the end of the resin rose petals. In this product, a shower stand (a mesh-like foundation on which the parts are fastened) is intentionally left as part of the design. Please note. Parts are attached to the foundation with Tegs. Although it may feel a little moving, please use it with confidence because it is fastened so that it will not come off. All metal parts are plated, so be careful not to polish them with an abrasive cloth. If you keep it in a plastic bag with a chuck, you can enjoy the state when you purchased it for a long time. If left exposed to air, discoloration may occur in metal parts. Kyoto opal is slightly different in the color of each grain. Please understand that the taste is equivalent to natural materials. A slight difference is seen in the way of playing colors with natural opal. Material: Resin, glass, artificial opal, metal, nylon Size: about 7cm in height × about 5cm in width


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