iPhone X / Xs Classic Series Pocket Phone Case - Brown

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A new change in 2018, retaining the classical temperature of the classic herringbone stitching process, and honing the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship and practicality. Through the quintessence of creative creation and complicated process application, i



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iPhone X / Xs Classic Series Pocket Phone Case - Brown


Storage stand | light and practical design Dressed in a leather-like, smooth line for mobile phones, the layered two-tone leather with antique copper metal fasteners. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ABhsJ86NCIA/XTFJheBTlqI/AAAAAAAASVI/MeakNGSIercs2gE2cdNRiG-VSRvQonBAQCK4BGAYYCw/s1600/IMG_6951-1.jpg The patented standing side panel is a top layer cowhide coated PCB fiberglass board lined with 210D silk lining. The standing design of the standing side panel allows the holster to touch the tabletop with a minimum of area, and can accommodate a small card, and a wiper can be placed on the back. The hidden magnetic opening buckle improves the problem that the traditional opening method is easy to cause damage to the parts. And it can avoid the condition that the rear tongue band blocks the screen after opening. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6PS1ucEnpbA/XTFKSXRgirI/AAAAAAAASVc/J3v2kJjFYwMBsHAFLtFgJh-5D9kMMV6eQCK4BGAYYCw/s1600/IMG_6940-1.jpg * Convenient storage design - standing side panels with intimate card design, can be placed business cards, all kinds of ticket cards * Screen enhanced anti-collision - use the herringbone stitching method to tightly wrap the leather around the screen with a 0.8mm thick manganese steel guard ring. When the phone accidentally falls, the impact force is evenly spread by the ring conduction principle. Screen cracking risk * The fuselage strengthens the anti-collision - the whole body of the fuselage is covered with a cushioning effect to enhance the protection function. * Prevent body friction - Optical photographic lenses and screens do not directly touch and rub against the table ■ Product specifications * Product Name: iPhone X Classic Pocket Leather Cover * Size: Approx. 14.5 x 7.5 x 1.2 cm * Color: brown * Material: goatskin ■ Need to know the use of leather * Contains natural lines (that is, scars caused by animal growth, scars caused by mosquito bites, etc.). * When there is stain on the leather surface, wipe it with a soft dry cloth or gently with an eraser. * After being drenched by rain or the like, immediately wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth and dry it. * When storing this product, please keep it in a cool and ventilated place. Daily maintenance can prevent mold spots by dry rubbing. ■ Warranty 1. Free replacement of new product conditions within 7 days from purchase 1. Free replacement of new products: within 7 days of order date (including delivery time) 2. Free replacement conditions: damage caused by non-human factors under normal use and judged to be a quality problem 3. It is not allowed to change the condition: (1) Natural grain (2) Traces such as scars and mosquito bites that occur during the growth of animals are natural phenomena of leather products and must not be replaced by defective products. Second, free maintenance within three months from the purchase 1. Free parts replacement: metal buckle, sewing thread, oil edge repair 2. Artificially causing leather to rupture, wear and dirt is not included in the free range (providing quotation repair) Third, the purchase date of more than three months maintenance fee 1. Metal buckle for new: NT.100 yuan 2. Sewing line, oil side replacement: NT.200 yuan 3. The front frame is new: NT.350 yuan 4. Leather surface replacement: no front cover series / one NT.150 yuan, with front cover series / one NT.150~350 yuan (depending on leather area price) *If you need to re-sewn the leather, you need to add the hand-stitching fee NT.150 yuan. 5. The above repair does not include shipping costs Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese design, made in China


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