Plain linen mask 13 colors / 3D boat mask / Breathable and skin-friendly / Replacement filter material

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Plain linen mask 13 colors / 3D boat mask / Breathable and skin-friendly / Replacement filter material


This is a single 270/280/290 purchase page -------------------------------------------------- --- S size x 3 discount groups NTD.790 yuan M size x 3 discount groups NTD.820 yuan L size x 3 discount groups NTD.850 yuan -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- ◎All stocks can be shipped next day ◎ ◎If you are in urgent need, please ask if it is in stock.◎ ◎The museum can provide a unified invoice for exemption, please write your company and editor in the remarks◎ ◎Taiwan domestic paper bag packaging, foreign PP folder with bag packaging◎ For lack of color and no stock, it will take 2-3 days for production + 1-2 days for shipping on the island = 5 days for waiting. Reduce message confirmation back and forth, and state the working hours in advance here, After confirming that you can wait up to 5 days, please place the order directly:) -------------------------------------------------- ------------- Made in Taiwan. Peace of mind and epidemic prevention -------------------------------------------------- ------------- ●Cloth mask + replacement filter material / epidemic prevention + friendly environment To replace the filter material, you can use dried wet paper towels, or cut the medical mask to a suitable size. It is recommended to use a replacement filter~~~~ Cloth masks can be worn alone on weekdays, and medical masks must be worn when entering and leaving hospitals and airports. The width of the L size can fit medical masks ● Material size and information● The outer layer of linen is quick-drying and has good air permeability, suitable for people with sensitive skin. The inner double yarn is often used in baby products, skin-friendly, quick-drying and durable, Good material can be worn for a long time👌 - ●How to choose and measure size● Hand-made, there will be some error (±0.5cm). - ● Length of elastic rope● L is about 40 cm / M is about 37cm / S is about 35cm. When you first start using it, you can pull the elastic band first, and slowly adjust it to the length that suits you. (It's very flexible, don't worry, please pull it and don't bounce yourself) Just like some shoes are a bit hard at first, but soft after a few times. Please also give the mask some time to adjust to your life. The cloth will become softer and softer after being washed several times and used. The tie can be stuffed into the seam, or placed under the earlobe, and it can also help you distinguish the upper and lower positions of the wear. - ●The mask can be washed once a day or two (recommended every day), And air it in a ventilated place, the flax dries quickly and does not contain bacteria. Daily epidemic prevention + friendly environment, Leave medical masks to people who need them more and important places. It is recommended to use two or three in turn for a week. Masks are like cleaning methods for personal belongings and underwear. For cleaning, you can use soap to wash by hand, or machine wash, After wringing dry, please flatten the fabric. There are four recesses on the upper and lower sides, you can use a finger plug. Try to flatten the mask before drying it, or use an iron to iron it at high temperature. Please try to place a ventilated place or an electric fan or an air-conditioned room or a dehumidifying place, Avoid molds that are not cleaned or dried completely. _ ● Saved a lot of people with cotton and couldn't breathe. The three-dimensional shape gave the face space, which was comfortable and not boring. Some girls asked whether they would wear lipstick. They can only say that there is a 30% chance that they will When talking about facial movements, Or choose the L size which is less close to the face! ● If you need a lot of people to talk to, you can take one or two more to go out, or spare the wet tissues (if it is too temporary, put toilet paper stuffed first), you can replace the mask when you feel wet, just like a woman's menstrual period, time Change when it arrives to avoid the growth of bacteria. ● Epidemic prevention also requires a good mood. Masks have become a necessity and an accessory today. Choose a few good partners who are suitable to accompany you in epidemic prevention and breathing! 📣Mask covers are personal personal hygiene products and cannot be returned or exchanged📣 📣Mask covers are personal personal hygiene products and cannot be returned or exchanged📣 📣Mask covers are personal personal hygiene products and cannot be returned or exchanged📣 ● Color ● black. White. Ash. pink. Red yellow. green. Navy. Dailan. dark blue Stripes (cotton and Linen material containing cotton) Taro milk. Matcha Ole. ● Inner double yarn / elastic rope (the color may be slightly darker and lighter) (Updated on August 12, 2020, cinnamon double yarn is out of stock and cannot be used) ● ● Wearing reference ● ------------- ∵The products are all taken in kind, and the color may be slightly different due to the difference between the light and the personal display, but the actual product is still the main product. If there are any doubts or unacceptable buyers, please carefully consider buying. ∵Because it is hand-cutting and sewing, the product may have an error value of about ±0.5cm. ∵Masks are personal hygiene products. Unless the fabrics are separated due to improper production, please contact us directly for repairs. The rest will not be returned~ ∵If there is any problem with the product, please contact the greenhouse. We will try our best to solve the negligence in the production of the product, and please do not directly scold us. ∵If you mind the above items, or those with high standards, please do not subscribe. ∵Any questions can ask the greenhouse first:) - - - 【Taipei / Reservation / Hulin Exhibition Studio】


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Breathable linen on the surface and skin-friendly double yarn on the inside. Comfortable masks can be worn daily, especially in humid environments, where materials that can assist breathing without harming the skin are needed.


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