Natural Stone+ Tianhe Stone+ Pink Opal Opal Sterling Silver Bracelet

แปลอัตโนมัติ (ภาษาเดิม: จีน-ตัวเต็ม)
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Natural Stone+ Tianhe Stone+ Pink Opal Opal Sterling Silver Bracelet

รายละเอียดสินค้า **Our original design. Do not copy** **Natural Sun Stone + Tianhe Stone + Pink Opal (Opal) Sterling Silver Bracelet** **Sunstone + Amazonite + Pink Opal Silver Bracelet** "Folk" Origin: South Africa Hardness: 7 Material: Natural Sun Stone, Tianhe Stone, Pink Opal (Opal), 925 Sterling Silver (International Standard Grade 925) Size: Ball diameter is: Sunstone-9mm, 12mm Tianhe Stone-10mm, 12mm, Pink Opal (Opal)-12.5mm (Spar is polished by hand, there is a difference of +/- 0.2) ***shop uses natural spar and ore, which are guaranteed to be 100% natural; if it is counterfeit, it can be returned at a double price.** **Sun Stone** **Sunstone** The sun stone is also called "sunstone". In ancient Egypt, the sun stone was worshipped as a symbol of the sun god. Sunstone can be divided into golden sand sunstone and golden light sunstone, especially the golden sand sunstone is the rarest and hardest to see. Sunstone has powerful high-frequency energy, which can be used for personal will and enhance self-confidence. The sun stone is like the glorious sun, the source of vitality, and can lead to hidden talents, leading everything to victory and success. In addition, Sunstone has a good effect on improving the function of the circulatory system, restoring physical and mental fatigue, and can improve diseases of the liver, spleen and spine. It can also consume body fat, drain water and eliminate edema. Sunstone has a strong resonance and regulates the body, mind, and spirit of the individual; it shines with a unique light, giving people a sense of upward sunlight, a symbol of joy and positiveness, and guiding the individual in the right direction. If the river is connected with the blue sky, you can see the beautiful scenery of the sunset in the distance, showing a vast and vast feeling. This energy stone corresponds to the umbilical chakra, which can improve the discomfort of the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, kidney, and stomach, and can exert the effect of treatment. It can remove stagnation, activate metabolism, and enhance the effectiveness of the digestive system. It has the ability to improve vitality, bring courage and confidence, and stimulate creativity and action. **Tianhe Stone** **Amazonite** Tianhe stone, also known as "Amazon stone," is not produced in the Amazon, but because of its blue-green color, it reminds people of the Amazon River. The sky blue of Tianhe Stone can give people a sense of power, so it is also called "the stone of action". Tianhe stone is like yin and yang, flesh and spirit, and can combine two extreme opposing forces, which will greatly enhance the power of balance. This energy stone can help stimulate the central brain stem of the cerebellum, and can help cultivate calm and calm thinking. When feeling confused, overwhelmed, or worried, this energy stone can bring strength and add inspiration to people's knowledge. Therefore, it can dissolve the physical and mental disorders caused by various causes, and bring the spirit and the body into balance. In addition, Tianhe Stone can act on our subconscious mind. It can bring a sense of joy from our hearts, guide us on the right path, and liberate from anxiety and despair, return to normal mind, and make reasonable judgments on things. . **Pink Opal (opal)** **Pink Opal** Pink opal is also called "pink opal", and the etymology of "OpaI" comes from the Latin "opalus" with the meaning of "gem". Since ancient times, pink opal has been treasured as a jewel that symbolizes happiness and hope. It can help enhance the taste of art and is also regarded as a power stone that can enhance love and encounter. Pink Opal is believed to suppress anger, tension, and excessively high emotions, and it can eliminate anxiety; it also has the effect of overcoming inferiority and bringing self-confidence. This gem also enhances creativity, so it is called the "artist's stone." On the other hand, the beautiful pink color can also calm the emotions, activate the cells, and help improve femininity. It can be changed by gentle wave energy, which can draw out the power of inner beauty and talent, and can wake up the heart Deep love. Therefore, this gem has the ability to enhance love, is also the driving force for calling love, and has the power to make love richer. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<How to measure hands>** -Use a soft ruler around the place where you wear the bracelet -No need to tighten or reserve space -Measure lightly on your hand -Please measure in centimeters (cm) -Select the desired handle length after measuring -The selected length is the length of a round around the wrist The designer will help you reserve space ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<Bracelet Tips>** -Most of the photos of the bracelets are made with 16cm bracelets -Photo of the model with 14cm So I will feel loose, please forgive me -Designers can change the length according to your choice **The crystal beads or silver jewelry picked up after the modification will not be returned to you** If you want to keep the original design or modify it yourself Order 16cm Is the original design -Bracelets with silver jewelry are not as ordinary as beads **Designers who modify silver bracelets will pick up the silver jewelry first** The premise is to keep the beads So if your hands are too small (13cm or below) or too large (18cm or above) Modified style may differ from photo Please contact the designer if you have any special requirements **Otherwise the designer will modify it without notice** -Some models are not suitable for too small (13cm or below) or too large (18cm or above) The handle is too small or too large to design the original style So there is no too small or too large hand selection ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<Product Care>** -Attached silver cloth and moisture-proof bag -Brushing silver cloth can brighten sterling silver but silver cloth cannot be washed with water -Pure silver cannot be dipped in silver water -Can be put into a moisture-proof bag when not wearing, it can be used for anti-oxidation -Take it off when bathing and sleeping -**Pure silver cannot be purified by soaking in water or salt water** -Please use crystal clusters or amethyst holes to clean the crystals without touching salt or water. -The spar needs to be purified to keep the spar energy effective -If the bracelet is damaged in the future, you can send it back for repair ***Shipping and return shipping is required** -**If sterling silver has been soaked with water or salt water** **No return** <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> **<Shipping Instructions>** **Shipping to Hong Kong:-** ~ SF Express Shipping ~ Mail to company, smart counter, SF station ~ Delivery to home is at extra cost ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ **There are two ways to send to Taiwan:-** **1 / SF Express:-** ~ If not specifically required All sent by SF Express ~ Shipping from Hong Kong can be received in about 2-4 days **Before and after holidays** **Delayed delivery date** **please wait with patience** ~ Home, company, store-to-store (7-11, whole family, Lairfu, OK convenience store) # Please check if the store has a pickup service first ~ Please leave the <store code> and <name> of the convenience store **2 / Registered mail:-** ~ Registered mail is used throughout the distant regions ~ Shipping from Hong Kong can be received in about 5-8 working days **Before and after holidays** **Delayed delivery date** **please wait with patience** ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ **Delivery to Malaysia Delivery:-** 1 / Registered mail:- ~ Shipping from Hong Kong can be received in about 7-10 working days **Before and after holidays** **Holidays will delay delivery date** **please wait with patience** ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ ^ 0 ^ **Delivery time for other countries:-** -Please contact the designer to calculate the time OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Crystalplus was founded in 2002. It has always been based on nature. It attaches importance to natural materials, carefully studies the characteristics of crystals, and designs different jewelry through an attitude of "finding, finding, balancing, and coordination." With different original styles, it integrates the changes of modern life and conveys deeper design concepts. Our gem designer aqua has been engaged in spar-related work for a long time, often exploring different spar interaction characteristics, and using different colors and changes in spar attributes to match each other; Combining science, science, and aesthetics, it uses layers and colorful designs, and cooperates with meticulous skills to create jewelry with new designs.


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