MayCard My Passion Password Video Chance Chocolate Chocolate 30 Characters Hardcover Gift Box Birthday Valentine Confession Mother's Day Father's Day Valentine's Day Christmas Graduation

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MayCard My Passion Password Video Chance Chocolate Chocolate 30 Characters Hardcover Gift Box Birthday Valentine Confession Mother's Day Father's Day Valentine's Day Christmas Graduation

รายละเอียดสินค้า MayCard My teaser password and YUME TALKING CHOCO letter chocolate work together to create your own teaser chocolate. When TALKING CHOCO custom chocolate gift box encounters MayCard my teaser password, as if thunderbolt fire, make your custom gift greatly upgrade to create the most romantic surprise! The The Can choose any customization of the letter of the chocolate gift box, with their own recorded 30 seconds of the film, the chocolate will not only speak the other half to eat sweet text but also let him see video. ❤ Product Description ❤ ☆ exclusive secret language YUME TALKING CHOCO the letter of chocolate, allows the giver to freely arrange the expression of the mood, regardless of the wedding blessing "HAPPY WEDDING", friends encourage "CHEER UP", lovers of the confession "BE MY GIRL" "I MISS YOU" or the joy of the birth of the new "HAPPY BABY BORN", behind each gift box is a collection of your exclusive story, the birth of each gift box is a unique secret language. Plus MayCard my teaser password, record a 30 seconds of the film, you would like to say something loudly told him / her. Now let MayCard my teaser password and YUME TALKING CHOCO for you to send out thousands of blessings and love. You can try to imagine that when you open the letter of chocolate that moment, the rich aroma with the perfect surprise, unique story with the exclusive secret language, taste a very delicious, so that your taste buds and minds to express the joy of symphony, happiness And sweet, all spread here, delicious continuation! ☆ top raw materials Chocolate raw materials due to different origin, the proportion of the difference with the production process, in the past taste and taste after the birth of thousands of combinations, in order to deploy the most perfect Talking Choco brand taste memory, we searched all over the world of chocolate raw materials , From France, Malaysia, Belgium, to Switzerland, as coffee beans in general, each origin of raw materials in the taste have their own characteristics, after constantly trying, we decided to use "Belcolade Bei Kela" this chocolate raw material brand, Belcolade Bekaa is known for its "real chocolate from Belgium", not just the highest quality Belgian chocolate, but also the unanimous appreciation of the professional masters of various countries! ☆ happy baking YUME TALKING CHOCO products, in addition to the use of the top of the real chocolate raw materials, the more complex process and time-consuming thermostat technology to show the perfect flavor for the purpose of the product; after the thermostat chocolate in addition to excellent color , Taste lubrication and a rich sense of hierarchy, another important feature is - have a good impact on human health. YUME TALKING CHOCO produced by the temperature of the chocolate, at room temperature will slowly melt, so after eating into the body will not cause additional burden; the other hand, the market most of the non-thermostat chocolate, because the use of raw materials as well Add the relationship between other emulsifiers or grease, at room temperature and will not melt, so once these ingredients into the body, it is easy to cause the burden of the body. Behind the birth of every thermostat chocolate, not only professional chocolate chefs who strictly control the raw materials, more time-consuming process technology, production and storage environment, temperature and humidity, low temperature home delivery logistics intimate delivery, through this series of cumbersome procedures , In order to take this piece of care through the care of the blessing of the taste, sent to the hands of you. ★ Ordering steps ① Select the chocolate letters you want to arrange English letters A ~ Z can choose dark chocolate or white chocolate Numbers and symbols available Strawberry Chocolate or Green Tea Chocolate (Example: LOVEYOU L, O, V, E: Dark Chocolate Y, O, U: White Chocolate) Please inform the online customer service contact designer of your chocolate arrangement and taste selection ▲ ② sent to you by you, you personally give him / her MayCard My teaser password and YUME TALKING CHOCO letter chocolate gift box will be sent to you, you can use MayCard my teaser password messenger recording a 30 seconds video, and posted in the gift box prominently, with you full The heart of the hand to him / her ③ we sent you directly to him / her We will help you to MayCard my teaser password tease stickers posted in the gift box at a conspicuous place directly to you / her. And the video with the QR CODE with Email to you, you only need to scan to record 30 seconds of the film. ④MayCard my teaser password teaching instructions Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan handmade TALKING CHOCO chocolate are 100% handmade products, after the receipt of the product if a small bubble is a normal phenomenon, please feel at ease to enjoy. Shipment using the whole low-temperature home furnishings, chocolate, if not immediately after the receipt of food, please remember to put the refrigerator refrigerator storage, so that chocolate is not suitable for melting. Product shelf life: three months Suggest the best food period: within a month


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