Rolled lamb succulent potted storage box clay material package online teaching videos & DIY materials

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Rolled lamb succulent potted storage box clay material package online teaching videos & DIY materials


Challenge ★★☆☆☆ Suitable for: beginners, parent-child experience (under 8 years old need to be accompanied by parents) [I am a small potted plant, in fact it is also a small storage box] Rolled lamb succulent storage box is here! Each style teaches you to complete three kinds of succulents + mushrooms, as well as the roll lamb that is too puffy Don’t be afraid to feed the little succulents anymore, use clay to pinch the plants After completion, it can be a storage box for storing stationery and little secrets! You can also clip inspirational and good mood notes and place them on the table to heal yourself! 🌵Clay is suitable for beginners or parent-child learning! 🌵With a detailed explanation of the**online video**, a good companion for relaxation + learning 🌵Using a special soil measuring device,**allowing children to learn the color mixing and training small muscles when kneading the soil**, even if they buy clay, they can play easily 🌵Sliding down there is a detailed explanation of the soil measuring instrument, and there is also an explanation of how to use it in the video! 🍄**Cactus Sheep and Sheep (Bear Boy, Cactus, Pink Qiuli)**🍄 🍄**Rabbit ears succulent (blue-purple rose succulent, rabbit ear succulent, orange otome heart)**🍄 **Contents**: Clay (each comes with a different color soil), plastic potted plants, white glue, toothpicks, toner paper, butter soil, note holders You need to bring your own: file folder, transparent ruler, iron ruler, plastic wrap, wet tissue, etc. Clip inspirational and good mood notes to collect your little notes and secrets! 💙The soil measuring device can be reused. If you buy two packs, you can choose one package with the soil measuring device and the other without There are many tools that will not be repeated 💙 🧡**Purchase a set has another discount, plus a free soil measuring tool X1**🧡 **Introduction** 1. After the teacher tested more than ten types of clay, there will be no sticking phenomenon 2. There are 10 sizes, easy to color and measure the same size of earth balls (special AJ letter stickers, clear and easy to identify) 3. This teaching video will use a soil measuring tool for operation 4. In the future, dozens of material packages in planning will use the same type of soil measuring tool for teaching, which can be reused 5. You can use it when you buy clay yourself and play it at home! ❗️❗️Cautions❗️❗️ 1. Need to prepare by yourself-basic tools such as file folder, iron ruler, transparent ruler, etc. 2. The color clay inside is different for each style 3. This material package needs to be used with a soil measuring device, if you already have a soil measuring device, you can choose to buy it without tools Parents under 4.8 years old need to be accompanied 5. Please store the material package in a cool place, it is recommended to use it within two months after receiving it 6. The online video is a youtube video, please provide gmail to send the link 7. If you encounter problems in the operation of the material package, please feel free to send a private message to the teacher 8. All clay made in Taiwan is used, which can be operated with peace of mind 9. The color of the soil measure is sent randomly, don't pick the color 10. The accessories are all handmade, please forgive me for hand-made traces


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🌵Clay is suitable for beginners or parent-child learning together! 🌵With online videos with detailed explanations, a good companion for relaxation + learning


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